This series will appeal to fans of Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series, and Robin Hobb’s Rain Wild Chronicles.

In an alternate Earth, called Dragonhome, there has never been an extinction event at the end of the Cretaceous period. Instead, dinosaurs advance and evolve into sentience. Over millennia, they become a race of aristocrats, philosophers, natural scientists, physicists and genetic engineers.

In the 256th year during the rule of the House of Shaed, dragon physicists discover the timelink - a device that enables interdimensional travel through both space and time. After years of exploration, they discover another Earth - this one is inhabited by the human race.

This discovery leads to a conflict between the ruling houses on Dragonhome; one faction believes the humans on Earth are beneath dragons, and are ripe for exploitation. The other faction, led by the Royal family, believes in a strict policy of non-interference with the natural advancement of human society. The situation devolves into civil war, and after years of struggle, the House of Shaed and their factions achieve victory.

But not without cost. Dragonhome is devastated by the conflict, and there are still groups that believe that Earth is ripe for plunder. One of these dragons, the treasonous Ahriman, of the House of Ahmir, escapes prison and flees to Earth. And, he begins his plans of conquest and subjugation.

To stop Ahriman, the Royal Intelligence Service (RIS) sends out a team to Earth top stop him and bring him back to prison.  By an accident, a deposed Amazon Princess becomes part of their team, and they all proceed to the Siege of Troy - to stop Ahriman in his plans to change human history to suit his own needs.

My goal is to get feedback from people as to how to make the story the best it can be.

Book 1 in a series.  Each book will be set in a time in Earth’s history.

Series titles

Dragon Siege - WIP

Dragon Saint - historical character -  Hildegard of Bingen

Dragon Sultan - historical character - Sulieman of the Ottoman Empire

Dragon Sage - historical character - Marcus Aurelius of the Roman Empire

Dragon Spirit - historical character  Archbishop Turpin from Ballad of Roland (one of my ancestors)

Other titles - historical characters to be determined

Dragon Savage - Africa setting

Dragonhome - RIS team returns to Dragonhome

Dragon Sacrifice 

Dragon Sail

Dragon Silk

Dragon Soldier

Dragon Song