HI gang - sorry I’ve been out of pocket but the day job...  need I say more. I reloaded the Prologue and Chapter 1 - this is after receiving my development editor’s feedback.  I am loving these characters and this story so much - hope that all are of you are well!

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HAh!  Dragon Siege Dragons figured out DNA Data Storage long before Microsoft! 

Thanks for all the great support you’ve been giving.  There was a problem with the video (Thanks Joni Dee for letting me know) but it should be working now.  I would also like to put in a shout out for the Matthew Dho’s I Am Waltz .  Funding now and something you don’t want to miss!

Hey gang - check out the new promo video for Dragon Siege!
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Update for the week - hit 35K words yesterday - just a little more than 1/3 through.  Yay!.. The characters are up and walking around now, I’m pretty much just taking dictation.  :-p
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Thanks for all the fabulous feedback and all the social media chatter.  I am so psyched!

Hi Gang!  I am working with a developmental editor on Dragon Siege - she reviewed the first three chapters - look what she had to say! "I enjoyed reading this piece. I wished I could have the entire manuscript, as I’m taking a flight this coming Thursday and could use a good book" And she gave me some awesome feedback - but more importantly - I am on the right track with the book!  Also - in case people haven’t heard of him, please check out Stant Litore as a writer.  I am in AWE.  I wrote a review of his novella The Running of the Tyrannosaurs - Fantastic!

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Hah - new favorite line from the book - said by Thermadosa, who is eyeing a male wyvern, who has shapeshifted to become a human:  

 “I wonder what their sexual habits are, being snaky sorts,” she said, “If he was an open minded gentleman that might be an interesting exercise.”

hi gang - FYI  - I am reworking Dragon Siege, trying to get a good plot layout etc.  If you have any suggestions please feel free to PM me.  Especially if you see something that is just not working
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OK gang!  Sorry for all the updates today but it has been busy.  I took off Chapter 1 (as it is in for major rework).  And have added the prologue - which introduces Ahriman - a Great Dragon.