Patrick Sheane Duncan's latest update for Dracula vs. Hitler

Nov 7, 2016

I wanted to share a quick roundup of great reviews of the book. And also appeal to you if you’ve read the book to go leave a quick review on the Amazon page. With a few dozen more reviews, Amazon will promote the book in a way that we can get the book out to more people. I would be so appreciative of the time you take out to add your recommendation:


-We got an outstanding book review from Dread Central, one of the biggest horror sites,“One glorious badass story that will keep you wanting more.”

-Rave review in Diabolique Magazine: “Smart and engrossing...Duncan adroitly takes a preposterous theme to giddy heights, and tells a damn good story in the process.”

-Review on Bibliosanctum: “Suspenseful and literally explosive... an imaginative book with a dash of pulp and quirkiness.”

I also wrote a "Big Idea" post on John Scalzi’s fantastic blog if you’d like to take a look. 

Thanks again for any Amazon reviews you can add,