Years ago the renown adventurer, Sir Ronald Deeds retired, after all, he had killed the Dragon of the White Mountains, freed the City of Zarnot from the Ghost King, fought off the barbarian hoards from the Steppes of Woe and even plundered the Treasures of Black Blood Isle.

Rich beyond his wildest dreams and set for life he retired from adventuring, hung up his sword above the mantle in the great hall of his castle and decided to learn how to appreciate fine wines and write poetry. This luxurious existence had come at a price though. He had lost countless friends in battle, his marriage to the one true love of his life and become estranged from their daughter. He was rich but alone. Save for his fine collection of wine and his deaf wolf hound, Gunter.

However, this idle could not last, as, alas, an adventurers lot seems never to be completely done. When he received news that his daughter was in dire need of assistance he once again strapped on his armour, dusted off his sword and plunged head first into a brand new adventure.

His first quest? To find and convince his former wife to join the party. The problem? She was a slightly depressed two hundred year old elf who was too apathetic to get out of bed, let alone pick up her bow and go on an adventure with her ex-husband.

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