Ron Jeremy
The biggest d**k I know.
The New York Times
The most strategic swimmer in the social media cesspool.
Stephen Colbert
Savvy travel hacker.
ABC News, Nightline
His hacks are equal parts ingenious and outrageous.

New York Observer
Three things he never pays for: parking, publicity and p***y.
The New York Times
Even when he’s at his ugliest, he’s beautifully dressed.
An excerpt from “Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am?” by Justin Ross Lee, a New York-based internet celebrity socialite known for his travel industry hacks.
Reader Writer
Famous for being famous? Please. I’m miles beyond that. I’m famous for telling you I’m famous. There’s no one and nothing like me. I’m a legend.
katie luneski
Omg this seems hilarious!
New York Post
Car-crash ability to piss people off.