I came to your Earth with a N’horran criminal and the spoils of his crime.

He called himself Arak Matar. He was antithetical to his species’ peaceable ways. The N’horr were happy to relinquish him to me.

When my prisoner-turned-partner and I arrived at your planet, I masqueraded as one of you. My name, today, is Darek Marseh, but I have taken many, over the centuries. I am Alitán, and have powers about which you humans can only dream. I can manipulate your primitive minds. Make you see what I desire for you to see. I influenced hearts and minds. I insinuated myself into your societies and, once I had the ears of the leaders of men, I exerted my will.

You were too close to making the same mistake as had my own people, ages prior. It was my duty to prevent you small, fragile beings from achieving disaster. And all without revealing my true nature.

It was impossible.

You would not relent, and I grew weary of my failed machinations. I could have killed you all. If technological progress continues unchecked, my people demand that we eliminate the culprits.

As if that would not have revealed to you my nature.

As if exterminating the lot of you would not have been “interference.”

Such hypocrisy.

I refused my directive. Instead, Arak Matar and I turned your world into our playground. We revealed ourselves. We integrated the aforesaid “spoils” into your societies. These corren men were the hybrid offspring of Arak and human women. How did the humans get to the N’horran homeworld? You put them there when you launched a generation ship at your nearest stellar neighbor. The craft traversed a wormhole and arrived before it had even departed.

This strange confluence set me on my course.

I brought back your own bastard children. Accidents of lust. Exceptional combinations of N’horran and human strengths. I turned these correns into an army that struck mortal fear into your human hearts.

It served you right to be so afraid, contemptible little ants that you are. Filled with such hubris. Running amok. Trapped in your tiny bodies on your little ruined world, orbiting your small sun. Yet feeling so large. So important.

Not so, my little darlings. Not so.

It was your own fault that I declared myself your Emperor and allowed Arak to put millions of you to the sword. Although, you did us far better by eliminating billions of yourselves in the bedlam that ensued our introduction. You self-obliterated with scores of nuclear weapons. You called the atrocity "the Blight" and rued the day we arrived.

If you had never reached for the stars, the stars never would have come for you.

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