S.E. Soldwedel's latest update for Disintegration

Apr 9, 2019

Hey there, comrades. Today was to have been the day. While I need to relay to you that there is a delay, it’s not so disappointing (to me) because it bodes of us talking meticulous care to get everything right. Inkshares has been incredibly generous to me in the "final" steps and has allowed me latitude that I greatly appreciate. That freedom, however, came with the need for another diligent proofread, which is underway.

Langston Hughes asked what happens to a dream deferred, and while his inquiry is about something much more profound, what is happening with Disintegration is that it will become the best version of the book with which both I and Inkshares can be mutually satisfied. And with which we hope that you, after so long a wait, will also be pleased.

Thank you for your continued patience, or your failed memory of this protracted affair, whichever is more accurate. ;-) The word from Inkshares is that everything will finally culminate around this time next month, which just happens to be the week of my godmother’s and my sister’s, her son’s, and my ex’s birthdays (and also Billy Joel’s and Steve Yzerman’s, and the kid who used to live across the street from me. It’s a birthday bonanza). So, lots to celebrate.

Remember, the conflict within the book has been raging for 183 years. This little deferment? Just a drop in the bucket.