S.E. Soldwedel's latest update for Disintegration

May 2, 2019

Hey, everyone. It’s May. I know ... yet more time has passed. This book has been an arduous labor, and the years since I brought it to this platform have been some of the most tumultuous of my life. Still, I’ve been diligent despite what’s been happening. I’ve not been idle. I’ve been devoted to shaping the most worthwhile version of the novel with which (as I mentioned previously) both Inkshares and I (and—most importantly—you) can be satisfied. I can’t thank Inkshares enough, particularly Avalon Radys, for their patience and determination. And, if you’ve not forgotten completely about this work, I thank you, too, for your patience. Job’s (rhymes with "globe") got nothing on you all.

The "final" proof (as anyone who’s ever worked on versions of anything will know, the word "final" when it comes to proofs is a bit of a cruel mockery of the work that still needs to be done) was delivered the day I arrived in the Pacific NW last week. It was tough to look it over and be on vacation, since it consisted of spending time with a friend whom I’d not seen in six years, and his new family. Since the sudden death of my best friend in 2017, I’ve made it a point to take the big trips to see those whom I wish that I could see more often, no matter how far away they are. Living one’s life can sometimes be the biggest obstacle toward "getting things done." But I chipped away at the proof and, this morning, I sent it back to the publisher.

It is my ardent hope that this will be the version that goes to print and the protracted story of this story will finally culminate in a physical book.