S.E. Soldwedel's latest update for Disintegration

Dec 1, 2016

Chapter 24 is a pivotal one in which a lot of things go down, one of which is a huge, violent melee incited by Major Gardiner, one of the major (ahem) characters. Gardiner is thin and he goes a little crazy. I describe him as context for the following little bit, which I especially enjoyed reading:

“I need my mitts,” Macaluso said to no one in particular. He lumbered over to a teenaged boy who had climbed down from one of the transports.

“Get me my mitts,” Macaluso demanded.

The boy looked at him, unsure whether to mouth off or not.

“Don’t fuck with me, kid, or I’ll sick that skinny psycho on you. He’ll pull your head out through your asshole and then I’ll fucking punt it back onto your shoulders just for good measure.”

The boy’s eyes widened and and he scrambled back into the truck, procuring Macaluso’s mitts.

“Thanks, kid,” Macaluso said. “Good choice.”