S.E. Soldwedel's latest update for Disintegration

Jul 20, 2017

Hey, gang. Long time no update. The reasons are two-fold: 

1) There hasn’t been much to say regarding the book.

2) I am bad at social media.

Regarding the first reason, I was recently told by Inkshares that there is a 50-book queue and my book is somewhere amidst. I don’t know precisely where, but I am hoping that it’s closer to the front than the back. What this means is that Disintegration not coming out soon. That bums me out and I hope it bums you out, too.

If you are bummed out, email hello@inkshares.com and tell them you want your MTV! No! You want your Disintegration!

However, if you’re over it by this point, I can’t feign shock.

I’m hoping you’re not.

I’d much rather you clamor and advocate for the book. So much of any book’s success on this site is based upon convincing Inkshares that there is money in a title. The way we do that is by selling copies. So, please, if you can think of any science fiction fan in your life looking for a deeply thoughtful, mature tale that unflinchingly confronts humanity’s foibles, direct them to Disintegration!

Don’t be over it; despite the glacial process, the book continues to elicit effusively positive feedback from a wide variety of readers, many of whom are not even regular sci-fi consumers. It warms my cockles to know that, despite the publish date being amorphous, the book still has such vast appeal.

At this rate, I may well wind up providing everyone a copy of the manuscript before the book goes to press. If you’d like to join the ranks of those reading what they’ve already purchased, pipe up and I’ll furnish you with a PDF, too!

As for the second point, I really wish I’d some social media skills because, had I that hustle, had I joined the right contest, had I done this thing or that thing differently from how things actually went, perhaps I could have joined the ranks of "fully funded" books. It’s a category that includes books that have sold equal or fewer copies than Disintegration, but instead received that golden ticket treatment and were swooped up to the Big Time.

I openly admit my envy. I want to see my book come to life. I want it to be seen and read and enjoyed, and any other wonderful possibilities that might arise from its publication.

Someday, they say. I eagerly await it.