Carl Scott
Great book idea from my friend Steve Soldwedel
Brian Guthrie
good start to this. lots of potential
Maurice Courtois
Go go go Steve!
Bill Kutsch
Love the underdog aspect of this story
Alvin Ling
Good luck!
Tony Valdez
A future Earth locked in war with the last of humanity and multiple alien races!
Andrea Jackson
Can't go wrong with misfit underdogs!
Brien Shores
A world in ashes... A suicide mission... What more could you ask for? Great writing you say? Fine be greedy but yeah there's that too
An Author
Steve is a unique voice -- even among the creatives on Inkshares!
Romero Russo
Settlements above Venus. Aliens breaking Earth's spirit. Soldiers used as pawns in a game nobody understands. Man, this better end well for the humans! I need to know what happens.