Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Normal?

Dwoing! Dwoing! Dwoing! Went my alarm on my phone. I slid my hand across the screen to turn it off before resting on my bed. It was a school day and worst a Monday. Why do we need to go to school so early? As you can see, I’m not a morning person nor ever will be one. Nonetheless, it was an important day so I was reluctant to get up and start my day.

You see, today was no ordinary day. It was a special day. Today was the day where my life begins. I was going to ask Heather Wane out to prom. Ever since I was a kid, I have had a crush on her and I finally mustered courage to ask her out. I had a fantastic feeling that she was going to say yes too!

For the past few years, we had gotten to be friends from being in the same classes together. Whenever we studied, we would watch movies, play cards, and tell each other some cool stories. We always get carried away with our stories and stay up till morning talking about our experiences. Nothing in the world was going to stop me.

Unless my alarm clock was set later than I intended it to be. My alarm was supposed to be set at 6:00 AM so I had time to prepare, but it went off at 7:30 AM. I panicked a bit as I quickly got dressed with whatever clothes I could grabbed from my closet. I ran around and grabbed all of my homework on desk and books.

I entered the kitchen to grab my lunch that my mom makes for me when she goes to work at 5 but it was nowhere to be seen. I open the fridge and made myself my lunch as fast as I could. Looking at the time, it was 7:40 which meant I had 20 minutes to beat traffic and get into my first class on time.

I hopped into my car where I received a weird text message saying, “Find the Computer Room!” I deleted it and drove my car down the streets to school. While I was driving, I turned on the radio in which nothing broadcasting on all the channels. First my alarm going off at the wrong time and now my radio was busted.

At least the roads were cleared which I found odd for a work day, but it made my trip a lot easier. I got to school with 5 minutes to spare and I rushed inside to find my physic class with Mr. Singer. He was a fantastic teacher and shows us fun experiments. I made it to the door when the bell rings. I handed Mr. Singer my microphone so I can hear him through my cochlear implant and sat down next to Heather.

She looked nice which a sun dress on. I was going to ask her before class started but I guess I’ll have to find time during lunch or after school. I looked around the room and found it odd that I was the only one taking notes. It must be a Monday if people were slacking off this early in the day. Even Heather wasn’t taking any notes.

Beep! Went my phone. I forgot to turn it on silent during the day. Lucky for me, Mr. Singer was a nice guy and would give a warning before taking a phone. He turned around and started to walk towards me with his hand out.

“You know our policy. No phones are allowed. Now hand it over”, he said.

The entire class was staring at me and I was reluctant to do so when I noticed that it was the same text as before. Could this day get any worse?