J. Danielle Dorn
It is so exciting to see cyberpunk fiction from a female author. That the world-building is some of the best I've seen recently, and the story so smart, and the main character so relatable, makes it even more exciting.Two chapters isn't enough. I need to know what happens next.
Dave Barrett
I LOVE Amanda's writing.  Seeing her turn her pen to Science Fiction is pretty cool, and Isadore RAM's world of Shadowrun/Snow Crash/Fallout has already caught me.  Get this book funded and get it into my hands!
Tabi Card
This is a dark, Tron-like story, dripping with imagination and full of details tech-heads (unlike myself) will relish. I absolutely love this, and anxiously await the next installment.
Emma Galbraith
My eyes are the size of saucers right now because I do not want to miss ANYTHING about this story. The idea of a dystopian sisterhood devoted to technology is simply brilliant. I cannot wait to read more of this writer's work. Wow.
A.C. Weston
The narrative opens with the main character, Isidore RAM, standing in what they call Harlem, only this is the Grid... so it still exists. Hell, yeah. Solid world-building and a thrilling, complex universe suck the reader right into the story like the computer in Tron. Neon lights and grit cover a cyberpunk digital landscape where technology is religion and hexers like Isidore are the law. I want the poster on my wall. I want to play the game and watch the movie and read the graphic novel. This book needs to be published.
Joshua Griffith
A great read, that's for sure and I want more of it too. Now I want to know what or who it is that mucking up the virtual world and why. I can see this one being a real pager turner real fast.
Jamison Stone, Author of Rune of the Apprentice
I'm very excited to read Deus Hex Machina! Set in a dystopic cyberpunk Orange County, you say? The main character is a hacker working as a sister for the the Church of Technology? Inspired by Akira, Blade Runner, and the Matrix? Yeah, I'm in! Very excited to get my copy!
Stephen Carignan
It would be a fair statement to say the Orneck has created a fully immersive the world and engages readers with compelling characters, great pacing, and expert imagery. While it would be fair, it would also be wrong. Orneck has created two immersive worlds, the Grid and the Sisters of the Circuit. Action and adventure await in this great addition to Sci-Fi.
Thomas J. Arnold
An intriguing look into a new cyberpunk world.  I've always been intrigued by the genre, but this book does something which I have rarely seen among other cyberpunk tales by looking at an evolution of religion with the technocentric Church of Technology.  This combined with a riveting narrative style, well written characters, and an opening which quickly hooks me into the plot leaves me wanting to read more.  I can't wait to really get to know these characters, world, and hopefully get an even deeper look into the Church.
K.E. Madsen
As a reader I've been dropped into a world of description and into Isidore's world. The way Amanda creates the virtual world is beautiful and creative, making me want more of this world. This world feels very Matrix-like, and I love it. I look forwards to reading more of this novel.