What made you write this?

It’s quite a long story, but originally, Detective Diaries is the second book I’ve ever written in my life. The first was more so amateur work haha, but when the second came along...my skills as a writer became much broader. However, for my inspiration concerning this book, I simply wanted to make a story involving criminal organizations and detectives with special or hidden talents/gifts. So, in order to go about this route, I needed a city that was once peaceful become twisted by the darkness within--meaning the inhabitants of Rochester. I tend to throw in my own philosophy in the loop by saying that humanity makes the world what it is today. The same goes for the citizens of Rochester because they allowed those controlling the city bend it in whatever way they saw fit, for they rely too strongly on the authorities when they are just as accountable. But back on track, I made this story to mix reality and the unknown.

What should readers know about you?

I believe the readers who come here should know that I’m always striving to learn and grow a better writer. No one is perfect--even the pros. Give me feedback whenever, and I’ll respond as soon as possible. However, do understand I stay professional with my writing and write to the best of my current ability.

What is the background on your main characters?

I figured I should do this because I had made a recent Detective Sunday covering the main people in the story, and thought why let it bury under text, and decided to keep it here so everyone can see~

Amani Marshall: Daughter of Maxwell Marshall--The Owl, which is a nickname he gained from his clients such as the Detective Agency or Police Department when they wanted information on the latest underground developments in the city of Rochester. Amani is a talented 26-years-old woman, who became an unranked officer at the age of 20. She moved up in the ranks over the years from stopping lethal criminals before they even acted because of her gift to read the faintest strands of thoughts when interrogating criminals. The year she was accused of being the Bone Breaker, an infamous serial killer, she was a Chief Inspector--almost along the lines of being a Deputy Director over a deeper portion of officers than she already had. Now, Amani pursues the Bone Breaker in hopes of bringing him to justice for murdering her subordinates and father after being imprisoned for three years on his behalf. She has a year to clear her name thanks to the Detective Agency, and if she does not, she will face a death sentence and be imprisoned until the day she dies.

Carbine: Carbine is a 27-year-old detective who has been a detective for 6 years. In the past, Carbine was found as an orphan at the age of 15 and taken care of by his future partner, Flora Lamont at the age of 20. She became a mother figure to him and his education source for knowledge, for Carbine suffered from amnesia and needed proper training of basic things. At the time that Flora was 20, the Detective Agency had just been created and she was one of the first generation of detectives to lead against criminal activity. Carbine was inspired by her influence and the speeches she spoke in front of people in one of the many squares about the violence in Rochester. She became a symbol of justice, and a martyr at her death. Carbine now carries on her will for peace and stability.

Lisa Elohim: Lisa is a 25-year-old woman who comes from a long line of nobles that had strong ties with Udon Heathcliff--king of Rochester 30 years back when it was a republic system, but now it is a democracy, and her family governs the system of trade in and out of the city. At a young age, Lisa was haunted by nightmares of death, but in reality, they were visions of those to die in the future. Even though she knew of the assassinations and unexpected illnesses against her family members, she couldn’t stop the inevitable. She spent her years in frantic slumbers or comas that lasted for weeks and even months as she witnessed deaths of those close to her. When of age, the only members of her family left was her younger brother and uncle. However, her uncle’s death came and her brother’s kidnapping shortly after by the hands of the Masked Monopoly--a group of aristocrats that specializes in assassinations against rival companies or bodies housing money. At that time, she vowed to find her brother and bring them to justice for murdering countless nobles. She was employed by the Detective Agency at the age of 20 and has been searching since then. From the story perspective, she has stumbled upon a recent disappearance of Lucy Wright, a young noble girl who suddenly went missing a few days ago. She believes Masked Monopoly is behind it.

Jerry Walker: Jerry is a 27-year-old man who originally lived on the country-side. His parents was promised a life-long dream job to cover the expensive housing in Rochester, and by agreeing to the contract given to them by suited men, they were pulled into the Medallion--a mafia group that works to maintain the drug market and the power balance in the city. Jerry’s family needed the money in order to pay for medicine for their sick members, and in order to move to a more safer and reserved location. Jerry and his father, Jonah Walker, worked day in and day out by smuggling drugs in and out the city and doing roundabout aggressive "visits" to non-paying customers. Jerry’s family merely wanted enough money to cover everything, so when they had enough when he was 15, they decided to escape the city and leave behind Medallion for good. However, they couldn’t escape their contract, and their plan was found out immediately. The charge for trying to leave Medallion while under a contract was death, and ultimately, his father, mother, and plagued little sister were murdered gruesomely as he watched. They decided to murder him last in order to witness the terror in his eyes, but he was saved by Fidel Brix and Zoe--two first generation detectives that have been following Medallion’s activity. He managed to survive that night and swore to find a way to gain revenge against his foes, but Fidel and Zoe locked him away from the world in order to have him reflect on the evil he committed while being with them. As a result, years past and he promised to become a detective like Fidel and Zoe to bring justice to those who wronged him and his family, but also help those whom fell into the same trap.