I’m a sophomore in college and I have been writing for about 6 years. I wrote my first two novels in high school but it’s taken until now to get the courage to actually get them out and try to get them published.

The idea for this novel came to me after reading Hunger Games. Also because I needed to give the full backstory to the three in one character in my first novel Ivy, so I guess you could say that this book is a companion to the Lost Princess series.

An angel, a demon, and a hybrid team up to fight against the rulers of Hell and though they all have very good reasons to be fighting against these rulers, none of their intentions are selfish. They are putting their lives on the line to protect the remaining humans in the last circle. Will they successfully over throw the king in the Inferno or will they ultimately fail? Follow them on this crazy emotionally and psychologically taxing journey to save the last of the sane humans.