In a world of darkness and death, the demons have prepared themselves and found enough courage to take over the world. The minds of the people seem to lose all hope in themselves as the Black Elder Dragon flies into the world of the living and the demons follow the dragon. And now, the world has been made and turned into a land of darkness and despair. The great kingdoms have fallen, the Daedra take over the Kingdoms of the earth. And the demons are sent by the one who casted the spell that separated the earth from the heavens.

Until, a dark warrior from a faraway land comes and whose only purpose is to defeat the demons of Hell. And her only purpose is to hunt down and search for the Grim Reaper and the one they call, the Demon Wolf. They call her, Delphine of Moria, The Ebony Warrior.

Delphine of Moria is the first installment of the Dark Fantasy Series, Delphine of Moria. Based on the Theme of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Requiem.