Death’s Detective is in the Top 25 in the Launch Pad Manuscript Competition!!

Just announced - Death’s Detective is in the top 50 in the Launch Pad Manuscript Competition

One of the top 75 in the Launch Pad Manuscript Competition!

The Plot:

When Private Investigator Anna Green takes on a new client, she finds herself in a world she never knew existed: the world of Reapers, supernatural beings sent to escort the dead to the beyond. One of these Reapers has been murdered, and his best friend, the soft-spoken David, has hired Anna to find his killer. Anna must learn the rules of this strange new world to uncover a killer that can wield unimaginable power.

Anna’s investigation leads her to discover the iites mystical underbelly. The reapers are just the tip of the supernatural iceberg, and all Anna’s skills are put to the test as she navigates the unlikely political maze of mages, mediums, and the business elite. While delving deeper into the dirty magical secrets of the most affluent families in the city, she stumbles upon a staggering revelation that could answer the question: why did Death choose her?

The Author:

I’ve been writing my entire life, experimenting with many different mediums. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have worked in the comic industry, selling short back-ups and several mini-series to some of the major publishers, as well as working on graphic novel adaptations of various mythology stories. I have also published my own creator-owned graphic novel, Shelter, through an independent publishing house.

That experience in comics allowed me to transition to video game writing, and I worked on the online game Fallen Earth as both writer and game designer for ten years. I’ve also been lucky enough to work on games for the Hello Kitty and Warhammer franchises, as well as several other small, studio-owned games for both PC and mobile platforms. In my free time, I continued to develop my own stories. Death’s Detective started with the idea of David the Reaper, and grew from there, as I began to fill his world with friends, allies, and eventually, enemies. Writing this novel has been an incredible experience, and I’m excited to be able to share part of it with you.

Thank you very much for taking the time to check out Death’s Detective. Your support means the world to me!