Jim McDoniel
An fun homage to golden age science fiction. Dax Harrison is a dashing hero, potential scoundrel, and war hero(?) just trying to make it to retirement. What could possibly go wrong on the eve of the famous ceasefire he helped(?) usher in? The excerpts hint at hidden pasts (in space!), future battles (in space!), and plenty of cowardice and humor on behalf of our supposed hero. In space! If you long for pulp adventure, look no further.
G. Derek Adams
Comedy is harder than drama. Drama is open to interpretation, discussion, analysis -- everyone knows funny. And you can't force funny via interpretation, discussion, analysis. It is either funny or not funny. The Grand Binary.Dax Harrison is funny. Tony Valdez is funny.I love the setting and the crazy-ass Buck Rogers pastiche, I am 100% on board with the aesthetic and the plot arc I see developing in the first excerpts. Interrogating heroism, public perception, duty - I am HERE for all these grand concepts explicated through a patently silly premise.But what's really exciting me is that this book is funny. The punch lines land, the asides are light and bouncy, it never stops and alerts me that 'THIS IS A JOKE'. This is a rare thing. A precious thing. A shiny, shiny unicorn who wants to take you to McDonalds and talk about Macross continuity. Recognize it and treasure it.Sidebar - if you can watch Tony's video and not make a pre-order then you are  a mean person who can't feel joy and puppies hate you.
Jason Pomerance
Go Dax!!  This awesome prologue only whets the appetite for more.  Can not wait!
Pig dudes playing with pigskin. Five thumbs up.
Paul Inman
OK, so this book has GOT to fund!  Not many days left and it is one of my favorites right now! Nice work Tony.I don't know why, but I read Dax as if he were played by Bruce Campbell.  That smarmy over-the-top awesomeness is what I have fallen in love with!  I can't believe that this is STILL trying to reach it's goal!  Come on PEOPLE! So in this excerpt, Dax has passed out from being drunk and wakes to find his ship is about to crash into a planet.  Of course, somehow, it SAMM's, the ships computer systems, fault for being shut down when he was killing Dax's buzz. I can only assume after such a good opening that the hijinks just continue from there.  Get this funded, boys and girls, and let's live a better life with Dax Harrison involved. \OH AND TRY TO WIN A FREE MUG. He gives them away every ten preorders.
Shannon Saldin
I really love this story a lot! It makes me think of Firefly, especially with a main character like Dax. I think anyone, sci-fi lovers and non-sci-fi lovers alike, will enjoy this book. It has humor, action, and a good story… what's not to like? I cannot wait to get my hardcopy of this book!! It really is an excellent read for anyone!
Reader Writer
I'm loving the first chapter! Very wacky fun. Can't wait to read the rest!
Andy Diaz
They just HAD to give him a personality, Dax thought. “What are you trying to say, Sammy? I’m not pretty enough for a cargo run?”They just HAD to give him a personality, Dax thought. “What are you trying to say, Sammy? I’m not pretty enough for a cargo run?”
Dax seems like a really fun character. Somebody that I would like to grab a beer with and maybe  save a planet with.
Amanda Orneck
Humorous space opera at its finest, Dax Harrison tells the story of a washed up former hero that gets pulled back into saving the universe just months before his much-longed-for retirement.  The four chapters I read gave me a brief glimpse into a vibrant-yet-grounded world that feels incredibly authentic, despite being set in the far future.  There's something incredibly believable about Dax and his merchandise empire built around his likeness.  He's treated the way we treat our sports stars, throwing endorsement deals at them and making movies about them.  Only in this case Dax is known for saving the galaxy.The third chapter is a little incongruous as its just a series of out of context notes which I assume are from the larger story.  I feel that in this case I'm getting spoiled on story beats in the writer's attempt to share with us some of his best writing -- and in a story I care about, like this one, I would rather come across these gems in context and not be spoiled.Dax Harrison reads like a combination of Firefly, Captain America, and the Stainless Steel Rat.  It's funny, irreverent, and incredibly fast-paced.  Anyone who loves humor, science-fiction, and relatable characters really should preorder this book because it gives you all of these in spades.
Steve Soldwedel
Dax Harrison is familiar, but still fresh, using well-known genre tropes and borrowing influences from its inspirations that -- because of the narrative tone and the lively characterizations -- never feels retread. Instead, it is an engaging homage, and stands on its own merit. It infuses classic science-fiction adventure with a glib sense of humor that makes it both an exciting and thoroughly entertaining read.