When we can no longer breathe the air, how will we survive? Decades ago, this question was only asked by a few, but in the years since, their voices have been heard and we have started to take steps to save our environment.
However, Nature, in its unique wisdom, made a back up plan when pollution first became prevalent.

Genetic Respiratory Transfer Syndrome, commonly referred to as GeRTS, has changed the world and shaken society. Anyone under the age of forty has the GeRTS gene. Fifty year-olds have a 60% chance of having the gene.
When the gene triggers, your body will start to process light. Your lungs will shrink, no longer needed for respiration. You will become a living solar battery.

Whenever significant change happens, people resist. They don’t understand what is happening and they don’t trust it. Sometimes light-hearted, sometimes harsh and brutal, this story examines issues of race relations, religious (in)tolerance, and what it takes to be a leader.

"Darwin’s Next Dance" will focus mainly on John Merton and how his life changes after his GeRTS gene triggers. Alternating chapters will show the larger picture, featuring vignettes showing how the world has been affected by the change in the human race.