About the Story:

Terrible things will happen, but how do we deal with them? The events that transpire in a persons past will inevitably influence the type of person they become. This story is the tale of Nathaniel Darkholme, his troubled past, his uncertain future, and the choices he makes in-between.

Nathan was born with the gift of magic, but also something else, something infinitely more rare and deadly, the ability known as Cruxfire. His ability manifests itself early on in his life, leading to disaster and heartbreak. Through his painful early life experiences, Nathan learns that the only person he can trust is himself and that his secrets cannot be shared by anyone, ever. He struggles to put his past behind him and to move on with his life, never to think on it again.

However, as fate would have it, events begin to transpire that will place Nathan squarely at odds with his past. With the world on the brink of a second Cataclysm, Nathan may be the key to either salvation or damnation. Which will he choose? Can he learn to trust again? Can his past actions be forgiven? Does he even want them to be?

This is a rough draft of the first chapter of The Darkholme Chronicles: Cruxfire. It is by no means polished, and I am still toying with some ideas, but the basic idea is here, at least.

I hope you like it.

About me:

As far as I can remember, fantasy has always been a part of my life. Books, movies, games, anything and everything that has to with fantastic creatures, dragons, wizards or mystical lands.

I’m an avid gamer, mostly table-top rpg’s. I have been dabbling in story telling for some time now, whether it be weaving adventures as a Dungeon Master, or writing overly long backstories for my D&D characters. There are several stories that I have started writing, but never finished, as well as a slew of story ideas that I keep safely on a thumb drive next to my computer.

My friends have always urged me to write something for public consumption, and I guess I have finally taken their advice.