There is a legend within the kingdom of Yalelia that says if the royal family births twins, the entire kingdom shall be brought to peace and prosperity; a golden age, for as long as the twins shall live. However, there are rules that need to be upheld for these twins if they were born with royal blood: one must train to be a refined servant so that he would never have to leave his other half, and the other will inherit the throne and take on the responsibility of bringing Yalelia to peace.

Enter Lucas; a young boy who is descended from the royal Karver bloodline. As children, he and his twin sister, Rose, became separated, due to rules that needed to be upheld, but neither understood at the time. When they’re reunited, Lucas finds out that he is now under service to the youngest queen in all of the land. With rules kept hidden from him about the Yalelian legend, Lucas has vowed to help his sister bring Yalelia to peace by being a proper servant. However, being a teen servant isn’t all too simple, and when he and Rose fall in love for the first time with people from allying kingdoms, one of the Karver twins acts on jealousy that could possibly bring the kingdom’s peace to an end.