Greetings, and welcome to Dark Snow, a horror anthology!

I’ve been on Inkshares for nearly two years, and am working on publishing my novel, Storm of Fury, through this platform. Dark Snow is an experiment, and I thought this contest might be a good place to showcase it. Campaigns are difficult, even on Inkshares, so if I’m going to attempt this, I want to be sure we can succeed. So here’s my plan; if this draft can get 250 followers before September 10th, then I will run the campaign to get this collection published. I know 250 seems like a lot, but I’m optimistic. If you’re interested in hearing about the stories, read on!

This book has four short stories, including the titular Dark Snow. Becky knows that their marriage is failing. Jim knows it too, but he doesn’t want to admit it. What better way to fix things than to vacation into Canada mid-winter? Seems like a great idea, right? Tell that to the cannibal spirit stalking them through the woods.

It is followed then by Lock the Window. Izzy wakes up at the same time every night, and every night, she looks to her window, where the monster is waiting for her. She has to keep the window locked, she has to keep it sealed. But the monster is patient; one night, it knows it can get in. It’s only a matter of time.

Next up is Devoured Expectations. Harth Demon-Hunter wages an eternal war against the forces of Hell, accompanied by Fracture, a mysterious figure who can peer into the future. As he tries to unravel his origins, Harth finds himself facing a foe beyond anything he’s ever seen before; a demon that knows his past.

Finally, the concluding story is simply known as The Worse. And I won’t spoil this one; it’s still in the very early stages of story-boarding. But if you have a thing for serial killers and ethereal horrors from beyond the edge of the universe, then you might enjoy The Worse.

If you’re interested in Dark Snow, please follow it, and share it with your friends! If I can get to 250 followers, I will campaign to crowd-fund Dark Snow for the Inkshares 2017 Horror Competition! You can also sample the first chapter of Dark Snow in the ’Read’ tab.

Thank you for your consideration!

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