Avatar2 Jason Bennett · Author · edited about 8 years ago
This is the working idea for the Sci-Fi sequel to Home-World.

"The Phoenix" will be the centerpiece of at least book 1.

The Phoenix is a retrofitted space-station factory. Its heart is a massive refining and manufacturing plant used to repair itself and produce drones, missiles, smaller spacecraft, parts for larger space craft, pretty much anything. It can build larger ships externally given enough time and form its own fleet. This thing goes NUTS with drones and missiles, and pretty much has an unending supply (lots of Sci-Fi twists with the missiles to make them more effective). The drones allow it to harvest from asteroid fields or gas giants, so its a fully self-sustaining ship/space station. Contrary to the title the ship does have limited warp capabilities, just not enough to be useful for long range travel.

Which brings us to the little problem of how do we get from point A to point B, which is the ships "Main drive", which im considering naming "The Icarus driver". That's spoilers I'm not willing to reveal yet. (Its not the same as event horizon)