Count Makraim has vowed vengeance on the man responsible for his family’s death. Putting his past behind him has caused him to close his heart to the one person who could help him out of darkness. Elise finds her self on the run from a man who has destroyed her only way of life. Glimpses of a secret past my be the only way to save herself and those she has grown to trust. Matsey, a servant in the count’s household, holds a power all her own. Three different paths intertwine in a race against the one man responsible for destroying their entire lives and capable of destroying an entire kingdom The three must help Elise find her true identify to unlock a power hidden deep within. The journey will be long and the war will be bloody, but the three may just come out on top with the help of a few surprising friends.

Dangerous Beauty is a fantasy novel that takes the reader on a rollercoaster through a girl’s emotions and trials and she tries to figure out who she is, why she’s being hunted by the most feared man in the world, and who these people are that help her through everything. Is Elise the heroine she wants to be and her people need her to be?

Dangerous Beauty is still a work in progress.