Up to chapter 4 has been completely rewritten and ready to view!!!  :) Let me know what you all are thinking.

Looking back over Dangerous Beauty and doing a full revamp has been SUPER difficult... but I think I’ve finally got it!  Now to make the decision if I want to try to go for crowd funding again or if I want to go it alone. The scariest thing I’ve faced is the blackness that is the next chapter. Where do I go from here? Well wherever it is I’m glad you are all on this journey with me. I love having your support and being able to lean on you all when times get a bit rough. 

Now on to my next thing.... I’ll repost a couple chapters and let you guys look it over. I’d love any and all feedback as I go through and revise, revamp, and restructure. (can I get another re word in there?!)

You guys probably thought I had gotten lost!  It’s been so long since I did an update I don’t blame you.  

I took a bit of a break. I took a step back to see what I wanted to do and where I want to go. There was a lot of self evaluation and book evaluation going on during this time. I’ve had to think about where I want my characters to go and what I want them to do. 

I also had to rethink my audience and how I want them to feel and support me. Let’s face it, we can write as many books as we want, if no one will read them the stories will remain just where they are, in my head and on my computer. So, after re-looking at things, I’ve decided I’m going to go through with publishing Dangerous Beauty. 

I refuse to give up on my first baby to make way for the rest of my books. Dangerous Beauty will be going through a major edit and then will go up on Create Space. HOWEVER, I have three more projects I’d love to put through Inkshares after I get them a bit more organized. 

Thank you all for sticking with me so long and reading. There are still quite a few chapters up for you to read and review. I’d love to hear all of your feedback as I rework this story. After all, I can’t make it perfect without help from reviews!  

Thank you everyone for the amazing support you have shown to me and Dangerous Beauty! You guys are truly awesome and I can't thank you enough for the encouragement! While Dangerous Beauty did not meet it's goal to be published, I want you all to know that doesn't mean I've given up on getting it published. I'm working on putting together a website and building a new campaign. I will keep you all updated as I get things finished!  Thank you again for the support! I hope you'll keep watching for updates. While you're watching, check out what is written already for Dangerous Beauty. I love hearing feedback! 

Alright guys!!!  Just 21 days left to fund Dangerous Beauty!!!  You guys have been so supportive and amazing!  I can't thank you enough! If I can just ask you a favor.... one more HUGE push, just a few more shares, a few more talks, and some reviews. I'd love to get this published and get it going before I have to leave for Christmas vacation.  :) Thank you again for your continued support and let's go for one more push!!! 

IT'S DONE!!!!!  All of my edits on Dangerous Beauty are OFFICIALLY finished!!!!! The entire book is written!!! Beginning, middle, and ending are done!!!! Can you tell how happy I am?! I'm pretty sure my neighbors think I'm completely crazy, despite the lingering migraine I totally squealed when I finished it!!!  The book did take on it's own life near the end and I just let it. *dancing around trying to contain excitement* You're going to love it!!!! The ending is so exciting!!!!  ;) 

HUGE thank you to everyone!!!! I know you all have been sharing and talking about Dangerous Beauty and I'm still super excited about it. Over half of the book is fully edited!!! I won't be putting up any more chapters because I don't want to spoil anything going on!!!  ;) You'll just have to preorder and share share share share share the book for the rest of it. There are 22 days left!!!! 

Dangerous Beauty is moving up in preorders slowly.  :)  Thank you all so much for your support and for your enthusiasm around everything!  

Well guys..... the ENTIRE first half of the book is officially out of editing!!!! So excited!!! 

I've decided to put up another chapter for you guys to read!!! I'd love to hear your input on everything that is already out there as well as this new chapter!  :)