Generals are great men sometimes called upon to do terrible things. By that measure, Hali, the Lord Warden commanding Sangrithar’s legions is a very great man. He’s burned, pillaged and murdered innocents all in the name of the God-Emperor, the mad tyrant Hali calls master. He’s glad his wife and son didn’t live to see the man he’s become. He tells himself he doesn’t have a choice, that the magical compulsion binding him to the God-Emperor demands obedience, but deep down Hali knows the truth.

The God-Emperor sends Hali to Cormane to collect an overdue tithe. It’s a task better suited to an officer of lesser rank, but the God-Emperor wants a show of strength and insists Hali attend to the matter personally. At first, everything goes according to plan. By the time Hali arrives, advance legions have trampled the city and laid siege to the Baron’s keep.

Hali orders the legions to begin the final assault. The line surges forward. From the back of his warhorse, he watches the legions march towards inevitable victory. Then the Baron’s pet wizard hurls a lightning bolt at Hali. His life flashes before his eyes while he braces for the end. Part of him is glad his servitude to the God-Emperor is ending. Another looks forward to reuniting with his wife and son in Heaven.

Just when the lightning is about to smite him, a shield of blue reminiscent of the God-Emperor’s god-fire mysteriously forms a shield around Hali, saving him. His life will never be the same. This is your chance to tell your readers about your idea.

My name is Chris Garson. The Curse of Arvyl’s Folly is set in the fantasy world of Sangrar, a realm I invented while attending college. After a successful career in IT, I returned to Sangrar and populated it with stories.  This the third novel I’ve penned in this epic setting and lays the foundation for an exciting trilogy. I’ve also completed the draft for Volume 2, Madness Ascendent, a forty page  outline for the trilogy’s concluding volume, Spirit’s Legacy, and several short stories.

I’m excited to present these works to you here on Inkspot and look forward to hearing your ideas for sharing the world and stories of Sangrar. If you’d like to learn more about Sangrar, its history and its inhabitants, visit my website,