Take a pinch of "Vicar of Dibley", add in a dollop of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and then a healthy slop of "Office Space" and what you end up with may resemble Cupid by Proxy, which mixes quirky British-ness, with drug fueled mayhem and an overriding theme of sticking it to the man!!!

If you like your contemporary fiction to have a smattering of fantastical elements, then this is the book for you. I would say that my style of writing is similar to that of Ben Aaronovitch, who pens the awesome Peter Grant series of books including "Rivers of London", "Moon over Soho", "Whispers Underground" and more.

I’ve been working on "Cupid by Proxy" for a little while and have most of the story sorted. I think I need to thicken up the characters and improve my descriptions so that readers are able to fully visualize the people and places that I see in my own head. Feedback is definitely welcome on this project.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Buzzfeed Top Ten I created listing some of the exotic plants/drugs mentioned in the book

Extra Cupid by Proxy Teaser Video

An extended blurb would read something like:


For over one hundred years an organisation calling themselves the Arcanum has been on a secret mission, one that was originally bestowed upon them by god during the dark and desperate days of the First World War. They were tasked with addressing the country’s depleted morale and declining prosperity by spreading everlasting love. It was left up to them to figure out how to achieve this considerably insurmountable feat but they proved to be more than capable.

They researched and developed specialised techniques for covertly generating feelings of love among complete strangers and found that they could even measure their success rate. Following good periods there would be optimistic reports of baby booms and royal weddings, whereas if times were hard and the Arcanum needed to increase their activities, the newspapers would be full of doom and gloom stories about strikes, power cuts, high profile divorces and international conflicts.

The period up until the swinging sixties were the true halcyon days, when they achieved their highest levels of success and life was relatively straightforward, however things started to shift sideways after the so-called ‘Summer of Love’ when a competing organisation first arrived on the scene.

This splinter group, led by the first recruit the Arcanum had ever had to kick out, used a drug designed specifically to induce intense feelings of love that lasted only a few years, followed by feelings of extreme depression. The drug was designed in this way to allow former member Arthur Farthingsworth to monetize what he felt the Arcanum were naively giving away for free, by guaranteeing an increase in bitter divorce battles and providing his own law firm ‘A. Farthingsworth & Associates’ with a contact list of who will imminently be in need of a divorce lawyer and when, in order to take home a sizeable percentage of the final settlement. Through this devious strategy of charging a premium fee for legal counsel and ensuring that the demand for this service would always be high, Farthingsworth was able to bankroll his organisations activities and grow exponentially.

For years, the small family-run Arcanum struggled to compete against the cold-hearted corporate giant that Farthingsworth had created and could only watch as the country’s once stable prosperity and morale became incredibly erratic as a result of their competitor’s activities throughout the seventies, eighties, nighties and into the new millennium.

In a last gasp effort to regroup and continue their divine mission, the Arcanum tentatively agree to recruit some new members in the hope that this will breathe fresh life into the ailing organisation and allow them to regain ground in their battle against Farthingsworth.

As the new recruits become indoctrinated into the organisations lifestyle, Farthingsworth’s operatives unleash a wave of espionage and it soon becomes clear that the new members need to save the Arcanum from itself as well as Farthingsworth, but first they each need to defeat their own demons, some of which could have disastrous consequences for everyone around them if left unresolved.


Thank you for reading about my project. If you would like to discuss any aspect of my work, feel free to send an email to matthew@pit-in.co.uk