Anyone can learn magic. It is a skill just as much as sword-fighting. With crystals as the source of magical energy, the demand runs high. Thus, crystal hunters travel across the globe, battle fiends, and scour mines to satisfy the need for magic.

Renzo lives in a world where crystals are the source for magical energy. Anyone can learn a special skill in magic--be it strength, speed, elemental control, healing, or technical skill. Renzo specializes in archery and training the palace royal guards.

He is the royal nephew to the mad queen of Mardosia. Though he never cared for politics, he suddenly becomes the heir overnight when a conquering empire, the Shan Hua, invades the royal palace. Before her death, the queen uttered her final words to Renzo: Find the stone, bring it home.

With the help of a servant girl, Nina, and two crystal hunters, Maria and Jas’Riel, Renzo flees from his home city. Now, his only hope to reclaim Mardosia is to follow his aunt’s final request. Surely two crystal hunters can help Renzo track down this mysterious stone, or will Renzo have to constantly watch his back around them?