Hello, my readers.

I’ve been absent for a good two and a half months and I’m deeply sorry for not updating as much. I try my hardest to balance both real life and my writing hobby, but now I think I’ve finally found a balance.

Just recently, I’ve posted the second chapter of "Crystal Hunters". I hope you would all (and others) take the time to read through and let me know what you think. I’ll be more than happy to read your comments and suggestions to help improve my story!

Also, I do have an account Critique Circle (@MadMar). I’ll be posing my 3rd chapter there to get more feedback and critiques before posting to Inkshares. It’s an exciting place to get reviews and peer editing. If you haven’t heard of it, I highly recommend you check it out, critiquecircle.com. 

Thank you again for following "Crystal Hunters". Hopefully, I’ll post more chapters in the future at a more consistent rate.  

See you soon!
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Thank you all for following Crystal Hunters as well as my profile page! I honestly didn’t think I would get even 3 followers, but Inkshares is such an amazing place to connect with other writers and reader. So thank you, each and every one of you!

I’m sorry for being inactive and not updating or patching up the two excerpt I have posted. Real life called me saying I still need a job. (Sulks in a corner). However, I have been writing up to chapter 5, and I hope to share the next chapter once I clean it up as well as the prologue and chapter one.  Come May, my schedule will FINALLY settle down and I can spend more time writing.

One again, thank you for following! I promise I won’t let you guys down.
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This will be a fantasy novel. I am still wavering if it’ll be YA or not, I’ve drafted three chapters and working on my fourth.

Anyone can learn magic. It is a skill just as much as sword-fighting or crafting. Crystals are the power source of magical energy. However, the more a crystal is use, it shatters into dust. Therefore, there’s a booming business for crystal hunters: adventurous workers who dare to travel deep within the mines where vicious beasts guard the finest and most powerful crystals.

After losing his nation to a conquering empire, our protagonist seeks help from an unlikely group.

I have a prologue and chapter one up if anyone is interested. This is still in it’s early drafting phase. Nonetheless, thanks again and happy reading!