Brianna B.
4.5 STARS!So thrilled to receive this book as I loved the first book. This one felt like the perfect sequel. The action and pace were top notch and I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. I love the dynamic of the characters traveling around the world in search of incredible creatures and the fun creatures and places they visit. Overall I think this was a very worthy sequel, it covers enough to connect to the first book and left a little to be desired in a third book which I very much hope they write!! I would give this 4.5 and would definitely recommend to young readers and adults alike!
Tess H
FIVE STARS!Wow! What do you get when you take a portion of Harry Potter's magical world, a dash of Percy Jackson's spunk and humor, and add a big cup of Marvel's Doctor Strange's beautiful, magical hand movements and spells? You get the imagination of Matt Harry! (And my new favorite sequel)I LOVED Sorcery for Beginners and Cryptozoology for Beginners had a lot to live up to in my book. Did it deliver? DID IT EVER!! It exceeded my expectations and my imagination! In this book we focus on Trish - Big Trish - Kim. The girl bullied for her appearance and her love for SCA. We get to know the girl under the tough exterior and we quickly fall in love with her and her drive to do the right thing despite the forces working against her. Harry can truly write an engaging story. I couldn't put it down! I even read at work..! (For shame Tess)The story rolls off the tongue, it keeps you on your toes and you just want to find the next cryptid, the next adventure and the next danger. Harry has managed to create a unique, fun, adventurous and - yes I'm gonna say it - educational book. I found myself laughing, covered in goosebumps and even shedding a tear. Let one thing be very clear; both books, but especially this one; NEEDS to end up on the silver screen. If there ever was a perfect candidate Cryptozoology for Beginners is it! Hollywood needs to jump on this and grace my eyeballs with THE movie for a new generation. Yer a good egg, Matt Harry!