Rick Heinz
It takes 4 minutes to read the first segment. Do so and enjoy some horror done amazingly well. Holy shit.
Stephen Carignan
One of the strongest aspects of Cross, Massachusetts is how psychologically horrifying the stories are. Sure, terrifying things happen, but when the author manages to characterize these feelings in such a way that the horror is two to three layers deep, it accomplishes so much more than scary. I look forward to reading more (during the day with the lights on) and never setting foot in Cross, Massachusetts.
Fernando Crôtte
Oh yeah! Deliciously creepy! I want more!! :-)
Sammy Bee
I love the tone of this piece. It has real, palpable atmosphere and I enjoyed reading it - excited to crack on and read more!
Eliza Stopps
The short stories featured in Cross, Massachusetts will have your heart racing. Thrilling, curious, descriptive, and wonderfully well written. There is a small beauty about jumping into a short story as you are thrust into an unknown world. There is not time to settle down between the scares in these fast moving adventures. Be prepared to buckle in until the ride is done. After reading these short stories, I will spend my night looking over my shoulder just in case
Ashley Brandt
Nothing says horror like a good collection of short stories full of them!
Ashley Brandt
There is something about horror and short stories that just fits hand in hand, much like peanut butter and jelly. Cross, Massachusetts has the potential to spook anyone on a dark and stormy night with any of the tales inside of it!
Nicholas E. Efstathiou
The first story in my collection of horror/supernatural is here. I'd love to hear your thoughts, and I should be putting up a second story soon!
Bryn Hagan
This is bloody good. A brilliant job of building up the suspense then leaping into the action. Yep, good solid writing, and a pleasure to read.
James Rasile
Completely hooked on this one and cannot wait to read more. Also, can't wait for the nightmares that are waiting for me when I sleep tonight... Definitely worth checking out!