"Here I am underground in an ankle deep stew of sewage and dead, or mostly dead, rats.

That was an excerpt from the novel Crawls. It’s actually the first line of the first chapter. Yep, that’s your baseline. Still in? Great. Let me show you around.

Crawls tells the story of a man who has reached a mental break. In an attempt to win custody of his daughter, an obsessive compulsive is forced to take a job in the gritty field of urban pest control. This horror/comedy is the first person account of what led our hero (hero is a loose term) to the predicament stated in line one. Remember the rats? There’s more where that came from.

Sarcastic, heartfelt and disgusting, Crawls has something for everyone. Well, maybe not everyone, but almost everyone — over the age of eighteen. Unless you have cool parents, then read on. (ask your parents first)

This is a work in progress so any feedback, good or bad (preferably good), is greatly appreciated. Follow the project for release dates.

Thanks for the support.