Julia Clemons is lonely. She is a single woman in her mid-forties living in Big Sky Country, the middle school principal of Glendive, Montana, bored with her life and tired of feeling alone. Candice, a librarian at the local community college and her best friend, tries to cheer her up, but Julia only feels worse.

After an emotionally draining evening out that ends with Julia crying on her couch with her cat, she is awakened by the rumbling of what appears to be a bizarre plane crashing in her backyard. The "plane" quickly vanishes into thin air, piece by piece, leaving nothing but the injured pilot, a rather handsome Louis Nelson. Much to her dismay, Louis wants to avoid the authorities and proper medical care, so he reveals to her the amazing technology that is helping to heal his cracked ribs.

His incredible story, as well as the danger lurking around the corner, will forever change Julia’s life. "Crash at My Place" will introduce you (and Julia) to a universe of adventure!