This is my current project for NaNoWriMo 2015. So a new ’chapter’ will go up every day for 30 days. It might extend longer if the story isn’t done by then. However, there WILL be typos, tense changes, and other nasty errors. This is my first time trying to go through the pitfalls of 1st person POV, so bear with me. ;-)

Georgia Warner is a teenage girl in college who just tried to attempt suicide. We first find her in the lock down wing of a mental institution. She goes through life struggling with bipolar disorder, a wildly unknown disorder that confuses people who have it and definitely people who don’t.

My hope for this book is to bring hope and understanding to people with and without the disorder.

Bipolar Disorder, in all of its wonderful forms, brings with it challenges. People with it have a difficult time controlling their moods. Their happy is too happy. Their sad can become too sad. Without the proper medication and therapy, the sadness can often end in tragedy when they take their own lives. Unfortunately, it is the suicide attempt that brings on the diagnosis. Sometimes, the wrong one.

Bipolar Disorder is difficult to diagnose. It’s often confused with mere depression because the over happiness, or manias, aren’t easily observed. NO person with bipolar disorder wants to give up the mania. It’s when they feel the most powerful, creative, and like nothing can stand in their way. Many will stop taking their medications if for no other reason than to feel that way again. Medication makes them feel ’dull’. Many will self-medicate in the form of illegal drugs and alcohol. Addiction is quite common among people with bipolar disorder.

There are "criteria" people must first meet to get this diagnosis. However, in Georgia’s case, she suffers from a nasty form. She has ultra-rapid cycling. That means her moods shift from one extreme to the other in quick succession. Many people will hold at one level, either high or low, for weeks, months, or even years before going the other direction.

This is NOT a happy book. There is NO cure for bipolar disorder. Once diagnosed, the person must realize it’s there for life. With that comes medications and therapy. A few blessed individuals have come out the other side. It’s a true miracle when the illness is banished and they become normal. This book is for those who aren’t blessed with that miracle. This is for the caregivers and people who love someone with bipolar disorder. I pray I can help give insight into this illness that’s hard and devastating on everyone involved.