About The Game

CORE, the debut game from CoreSoft Games, is an open world online game that places players in the shoes of an elite covert operative as they undertake high stakes missions across the globe. Compete against players from around the world to become a part of the elite operations team ‘THE CORE’.

High Stakes Missions: Players will be tasked with carrying out covert operations ranging from kidnappings and assassinations, to VIP protection and extractions.

Immersive Real World Locations: The locales in Core are laser scanned from real world locations via drones and released into the game in regular content updates.

Lone Wolf or Wolf Pack?: Players are free to take on missions on their own, or team up with as many as 9 other players to tackle the objective.

‘THE CORE’: ‘The Core’ represents the Top 20 operatives in the world of Core and will be the ultimate goal for all players. Operatives in this exclusive group can undertake missions that will shape the overarching story of Core. It’s a lot of power for a select few players to hold, but with great power, comes great responsibility. Players in ‘The Core’ have one life, and one life only. Die on a mission while in ‘The Core’ and that’s it, you forfeit your rank and privilege and must climb the ladder once again.

It’s high stakes, it’s high risk. Do you have what it takes to change the world?

About The Book

I want to be up front here, before this competition was announced, this book didn’t exist. This is a very fluid situation and where this will end up, I have no idea. There will be more details surrounding characters and story just as soon as I can get them down on paper. I have a fairly solid idea about the set up for the story, but as I said, it’s fluid at the moment, but there should be something soon.

About Me

Hi, I’m Paul Robinson, you might know me from other Inkshares books like Ghosts of War (soon to be finished and being published under Inkshares’ Quill imprint later this year) and LandFall. I’m from Australia, I have a cat and I like many, many things.