1. Introduction

Everyday thousands of people across the world disappear; vanishing without a trace., never to be heard from again.

At any given moment there are as many as 9000 missing persons cases reported; 60% of which, are adults and 40% children. While many people are found shortly after, even more remain missing. It is said that the first 12-24 hours are most critical in an active case; the longer it takes the less likely it is that the victim will be found alive. For children however, the first three hours are especially crucial as an abducted child is usually killed or dies within that time. Those facts are exasperated even further when the abductor is thought to be a serial cannibal. We’ve all heard of well-know serial killer cannibals like Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer however, not all serial killers are as infamous. In the early 90’s FBI serial task force faced just such an unknown serial killer cannibal, aptly named The Butcher.

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