An expanded summary: The apocalyptic event of Convectus is a promise about 5000 years or older, and because of such, it’s merely whispered in fleeting by the people of Veras. However, leaders of their respective races remember the declaration quite vividly. The signs of Convectus loom over the world, casting a shadow and pushing these leaders close to an all out war to try and stop its vindictive occurrence. So when their home of Watsonford is lead to annihilation, Rigel and Hern, two adventurous and stubborn 20 year olds, run through half a country and through salivating vampires, fearsome ghouls, all with the intent to seek out one of these leaders; an ancient and powerful witch, Florence. She, as a leader of her race, sets them both on a treacherous and heart-wrenching search that will take them down a path of self-discovery and reveal revelations that will test their friendship and alter both their lives forever.

Brief Overview: Convectus: The Search Begins is a first cast into seriously pursuing writing as a career opportunity. Who doesn’t want to turn their favourite hobby into a career? Containing the likes of ghouls, vampires, werewolves, witches and wizards, and a few more; I’d like to think Convectus isn’t short in the species diversity jar. It does make it fun writing all the different interactions. The age range for this book was, at best, cast with a large audience in mind, so from about 13 and upwards is where the book fits. With themes of love, death, friendship and journey, to name but a few, the book does explore its fare share of emotions. It’s also heavily character driven; so if you like witty conversation, banter between a group, shouldering the emotions of a friend, deep confrontations and shattering arguments; then this story will suit your likes to a T.

Origin: The book came as a result from writing as a hobby. Usually writing would just come naturally and the words would simply flow without a plot because it was just an outlet, nothing would come of it. But about a quarter of the way through Convectus, titled some random name during the time, I realised I rather liked it, and the thoughts of seriously writing this started appearing. So an overhaul was very much needed, and a plot was formed over the course of a year, and Convectus: The Search Begins came into existence.

Due to it being fully written, chapters will be uploaded frequently to the extent of chapter 5. Hopefully you’ll get a full glimpse of what the writing style and flow of the book will be by that stage. I don’t want to hide anything and have people pre-order the book after reading a small excerpt, only to be let down when they read the full thing. Some may like it, others may not. Hopefully these chapters will give you enough of an insight to make that decision for yourself.

As my first real attempt at writing a fiction novel, I really do hope you enjoy it! I know I loved writing it!