Azuela is a contracted servant in love with her boss, Vaughn. Vaughn is a lord willing to start a revolution rather than marry the lady of Sector Nine. The Judge’s Council discovered their indiscretions, and gave them a choice, spy on the traitors or be jailed. Will they try to topple a centuries old government for love, or uphold the ways of their forefathers and obey the council’s request?

Contracted Servant is all about the struggle to choose between selfish love and selfless adherence to duty. It is written in first person because it is very much Azuela and Vaughn’s story and they needed to tell it in a way that only they could.

While on the surface it may sound like a love story but there is so much more. The story deals with issues of genetic identity, revolution, the very poor against the super elite. And mixed in with all the heavy stuff are cyborg assassins, mech-winged men performing ballet in the air, mad dashes through ancient ruins.