The top marriage counselor in NYC and her biggest rival, a renowned psychiatrist, become romantically entangled with each other and their patients when they agree to co-treat New York’s biggest power couple. A romantic rectangle.

Dr. Jessica Rebbel is New York City’s most successful psychologist. Dr. Ken Press is the city’s most respected psychiatrist. They hate each other’s methods, but they’re forced to work together when an attractive, wealthy couple on the verge of divorce approaches them both for help.

The husband, Ryan, is the founder of a billion dollar Internet company, while his wife, Gina, is vice president at a top-rated cable network. As Jessica and Ken begin their shared treatment, they butt heads over methods but also find themselves falling for their charismatic patients and each other at the same time. As the novel moves between Jessica and Ken’s perspectives, readers will be pulled along on a romantic, funny, and surprising path to love.

Will Jessica and Ken end up together? Will they fall for their patients and abandon their careers? Or will everyone simply end up alone?

Set against the backdrop of many iconic NYC locations, Completely Incomplete is a fast-paced, modern romantic comedy about four flawed characters and their quest for love, happiness, and balance in their lives.

Sample chapters coming soon...