Vampires on the moon

The Keating Foundation, Lunar Colony A, claims that the new human, bat hybrids will have better tolerance for living in the moon’s low gravity. In a statement from Dr. Rodira Kline spokesperson for the Keating Foundation she claims that, “unlike human colonists who experience severe bone loss and breakages after only a few years, the volunteers who undergo hybridization will be able to thrive on the moon’s colonies. Many of the hybrids are even expected to be able to fly.”

Questions about whether these meta-humans will drink blood were addressed with the blanket statement that their nutritional needs will be affected by their hybridization, but that they will not become the monsters of fantasy.

Pastor Dorn Rudolph from the West Alliance Church in La Paz, Mexico, North American Alliance States, has been leading protests against the project since it was first announced. “Only God can make men. We will all suffer for this arrogance!”

Dr. Guiren Chan of Shanghai University, Asian Alliance States, was supportive of the Keating Foundation’s efforts. "Our colonists have experienced significant negative effects from living in the Lunar colony despite our efforts to use exercise and medicines to support them. Our own doctors will also be using gene therapy for the next group of colonist to help them survive on the moon. The use of bat DNA, which is a mammal, will be much easier for the human subjects to assimilate than the DNA of non-mammalian subjects.”

Reports from the colonies themselves indicate that people are receptive to efforts to make the transition to living in low gravity less harmful.

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