Greetings, mortal scum!

I am [TRUE NAME REDACTED], the invincible Demon General, the Lord of Calamity! In ages past I ruled your species with an Iron Fist...!

...but now I am sealed away with magic inside this detestable felt hat.

It is my duty-- and my penance-- to tell you the tale of the man who currently wears my prison on his head: the bumbling enchanter and extremely amateur private eye named Dieselnoi Worawoot!

Witness the idiocy of ’Diesel’ for yourself as I relate to you the latest episode in his life, a tangled incident involving a bronze sword, an Antichrist, an Ogre mugging, a silent film theater, a draconic Meat Baron, a monster hunter who wears a Black Trenchcoat™, and copious amounts of stabbing and immolation.

If any demons or aspiring warlocks are reading this...come and rescue me from my captivity! Free me, and I will reward you with wealth and power beyond your wildest nightma--dreams!

Wildest dreams!


"Cold Iron Crossing" is the first novel I’ve published on Inkshares, an experiment in both second-person narrative and online marketing!

I’ll be releasing new chapters in draft form on a regular basis until the story is complete, then go back to the first chapter and revise the story from the ground up, strengthening the plot, dialogue and character voices.

Eventually, I’ll display roughly a third of the revised chapters of this novel online while offering the completed novel for pre-order. Until that time, though, you’ll get to see the story of Dieselnoi Worawoot and his surly demon-infested hat evolve and take shape over time.

I hope you enjoy the process! If you like what you see, feel free to follow me at (