Resident Evil meets Ghost in the Shell.

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Isidore RAM returns in the sequel to Sister of the Circuit, currently in production on Inkshares.

Spoiler-Free Synopsis:

In a society ruled by the Church of Technology, a former church hacker must defeat a techno-zombie outbreak in order to save her friend.

Spoilerific Synopsis:

Having seemingly brought down the corrupt Church of Technology, Isidore discovers the Cyphers she has collected are actually containers for blueprints for a set of computerized armor imbued with the consciousness of CRI-LUX. When people with implants begin succumbing to a virus created by CRI-LUX’s estranged virtual husband and nemesis DARVIN, Isidore uses her mobile Grid rig to fight off the resulting techno-zombie apocalypse and uncover its origin. Bushnell, infected at the end of book one, turns out to be patient zero for the infection, and rises to helm a new and more menacing version of the Church of Technology, one intent on infecting all of mankind through distribution (and eventual infection) of free implants. Isidore fights against insurmountable odds to find a way to reverse the virus without killing the innocent people enslaved by it and frees Bushnell, a man she cares deeply about, from DARVIN’s clutches.

Isidore RAM

To save others you first must find your true potential.

Bushnell GROK

I walk the road the Code has laid before me.