Chapter 2-My Immortal Beloved

Chapter 2

My Immortal Beloved

Ana and Bea along with their trusty anointed Toyota they nicknamed "Trusty" was jetted to L.A. in a luxury jet the size of a Boeing 757. The sleek silver and black jet were soaring above the clouds, it seems like they were gliding upon them instead of flying. They were sharing a lavish suite with Ashton Cargill, the disenchanted, idiosyncratic man so many would give their right arm to be seated beside. They shamelessly gawked out the window as they descended and the beautiful City of Angels came into view. Neither was accustomed to such hospitable attention and luxury. Not even Ana, for when Thad played pro he usually left her at home. She didn’t travel with him as many of the players’ wives and girlfriends did and whenever she did follow him it was a first class ticket flying with the other wives and girlfriends.

Stepping in the sunny brightness of L.A. It shone on all flaws. Sure they were now dressed in finery but Ana felt self-conscious as they walked beside him to the awaiting black limo. Everyone was treating them as if they were royal dignitaries. She wasn’t used to this sort of attention. Seated in the limo she watched fifteen year old Trusty through the tinted glass being loaded board a hover-freight ramp and their airfreight carrier rose into the air and headed southward. The aircraft carrying Trusty with all their worldly belongings was sleek and expensive, it overtly amplified how little she had to offer this man. So what did he see in her? It wasn’t beauty, she counted 20 beauties as they were landing. So what did he really want with her?

He was conscious of her mindful wondering as he sheltered them walking beside him, he read her surface thoughts. She hadn’t thrown up a wall block, shielding her mind. He knew he had to make her believe he loved her. She doesn’t believe he does. Sure there maybe many physically beautiful people here but he had yet to meet one of real spiritual beauty. For all it’s sunshine and splendor this city; its love dirt and melancholic gossip was hateful. Minds worse than his own and he was beyond ancient. Her spiritual beauty was more valuable than she knew.

They rode along the smooth well-kept road instead of flying, she got to see exactly where they were going and instantly begin mentally mapping a way out if she had to run. He made small talk pointing out notable landmark or where one used to be. The Cargill Estate was nestled in the plush of Beverly Hills. Setting at least five miles from the highway. This largest house she had ever seen. Even working as a maid for several wealthy families none had a house this size. But she kept having a nagging feeling she’d been here before but she knew she hadn’t.

Pulling up to the palace consisting of 376 rooms, and as he quoted. 200 of the seven hundred employees he pointed as the palace, stood dignified in their uniforms like a sentry along the arched gemstone paved driveway of the gigantic white house positioned against the clear blue sky. She had to lean over to see the top once they were closer. Having once been a maid she didn’t care for all the formality. But kept her opinion to herself. At least she would for the time of her stay.

"There are personal aids as well. I hired two for you." He added as they pulled in front of steps looking like they belonged to the Pantheon in Greece. He hooked her hand in his and picked Bea up against her will in his free and led and carried them up the steps. The inside was breathtaking beautiful and she told him so. Everything was tastefully decorated in white and gold. The white and silver chandelier overhead was big as a room in a normal house. She wondered were those diamonds sparkling in the early noon sunlight. Bea had fussed until he sit her down. Bea looked up at the two women now planking her sides. He explained they were nannies. Bea protested she wasn’t a baby she didn’t need a nanny. Let alone two.

Ana hated it when Bad Ana came out. But sometime she needed to . Bad Ana turned around and whispered, “Breanna, people don’t have to do anything for you. Now be nice.” Bea knew the difference between the two sides of her mom. Bad Ana scared her a little bit. But she only saw it when mom was over vexed or she was really misbehaving. As they walked through the museum like palace, he explained the history of the antiquities or memorabilia.

"Is that’s real?" She excitedly inquired of a Picasso she had studied in her college Art History?"

"I would certainly hope so." He delightfully laughed and continued serving as a tour guide of the palace. "My dear, any rooms you choose is yours. There’re seventy seven more palaces such as this one; on every continent and thousands of condos, townhouses, apartment buildings, family homes, inns, hotels and mansions all owned by Cargill International. So any city you visit you’ll have a nice place to stay."

So he knew they were homeless and reminding her he knew but there was nothing to be ashamed of. Knowing that intensified her query as why was he even interested in her? She didn’t realize one person could own so much.

She chose a room facing the big garden outback. Flowers blossomed as far as she could see. It had a tranquility effect. She opened the French twin doors and walked out on the marble balcony and was greeted by the fragrance from below. She was alone in her thoughts; remembering seeing the Egyptian Queen/Pharaoh Nefertiti standing on a high balcony with a lower barrister and slicker floor addressing her subjects. It looked to be standing on since slick floor up so high. Maybe ancient man had better balance. She was glad Ashton saw fit to leave the mirror polished floor inside. She was lost in thoughts when her aides informed her of when dinner would be served. She opted to eat in her room with Bea. Ashton had long excused himself saying he must attend some urgent business and would visit her later.

His army of legal business experts brought binders for him to sign to complete the hostile takeover of a global textile company and people the positions with experts of their choice. Relieving thousands of a job and pension. Turning to his experts he says, "Amend this so that the present workers keep their jobs and pensions." He was making an attempt to do better. Not be so ruthless in business. After all he does plan to marry a saint.

The senior partners of the law firm says "Sir, their productivity is at 300% and to not slimline the workforce would bring our, well__your profit down to 150%!" Ashton turns his handsome face toward the men and women attending the meeting and asked the senior partner of Reese, Goodman and Thule a question? He couldn’t impress a saint by firing a bunch of people. "Mortimer do you’ve a wife?"

The legal man is puzzled by the question but replies yes, he is married. If memory serves him correctly Cargill have met his wife.

"Is she a godly woman?" Ashton ask curiously.

"I guess so...I don’t know. I mean she goes to church occasionally and help with charitable fund raising events if that’s what you mean?" Mortimer said nervously wondering where is this conversation headed? He’ve seen Cargill’s temper. He’ve seen his eyes changes color before but never this color. His eyes are a placid lake blue, like still waters. But usually when his eyes changed color it mean some one, somewhere dies.

"Calm down people no one is dying today." Cargrill chuckled. "Mortimer I asked you about your wife’s character because mine’s would’ve my nuts in her hand if she found out I threw a bunch of poor people out of their jobs and pensions. I would be under the doghouse."

Mortimer was still puzzled. He wasn’t aware Cargill had a wife.

The perceived be appropriate laughter resounded around the board room table. Everyone was relieved and also wondering what has come over Cargill? He has changed since the last meeting. A female partner thinks to herself, forgetting Cargill can read open thoughts "Whomever Mrs. Cargill maybe, if she can calm your psycho ass down, then I applause her."

"Firona" He calmly said, letting her know he heard her thoughts. But hiding the smile threatening to break through. "Your assessment of Mrs. Cargill is correct. But I won’t tolerate name-callings. But to show I’ve truly changed I won’t toss you out the window. But if the next time you slip up__I’ll. My decision is based upon appealing to my better angel."

"Forgive sir." The frighten legal expert says.

"You’re forgiven...this time." He said coolly placing Firona Pottingers on his mental shit list, it a list of whom-to--kill-in-the-future. "Everyone is invited to attend Mrs. Cargill Welcoming Home Gala tonight and don’t piss me off by not attending. Disappoint her, you disappoint me and that isn’t a good thing to do. Meeting is adjourned."

He had also invited certain members of the highest ranking of the satanic hierarchy. He wanted to see Vonderbilt’s reaction to Ana. He was looking for a reason to kill him without losing his newfound aura. If Vonderbilt made a dash for Ana that would justify his reason for slaying him.

He wasn’t looking for a pissing contest with Vonderbilt nor the satanists, they were a petty, depraved sect in his opinion. But he would take them on if needed. He was an immortal, Vonderbilt was not. He have seen thousands of Grand Wizards come and go, so being a mortal if Nikola knew what was best for him he had better keep his lewd thoughts to himself.


They had an early dinner brought into Ana’s room. Beef roast sliced into fillets sauteed with Worcester sauce gravy, steak fries, collard green, corn bread, broccoli and cheese sauce, and a peach cobbler dessert. Bea was served a charcoal grilled cheeseburger with seasoned fries and later brought a bowl of cake and ice cream. It was like someone selected a common American stable meal to serve her. She glad because the breakfast was too fancy for her taste and she was still hungry. She finished early because she wanted to do more research on their host.

She had never seen a private server like this so she wasn’t aware he could easily view everything she researched. There really wasn’t much about him opened to the public. She researched herself and found tons of negative information. Even found an article saying she was a cold-bloodied killer, manipulator, prostitute, one even stated she set Thad Wyett up for arrest out of revenge. That she knew of his liaison with Lola Wilson and sought revenge. Some of Thad’s former teammates said she was quiet and sneaky. One even confessed to having an affair with her. She had never said two word to the man. She found another article saying she was having a red-hot affair with business mogul James Cadwell, the husband of movie starlet Carole Caldwell sending the marriage on the rock. So this is what the crazy witch was referring to in that hospital room the night she dropped her off in the succum’s world.

"Being disconnected from the info world__you sure miss a lot. If I knew all these rich people would I be broker than a field mouse?" She exclaimed reading the fabricated trash.

A soft knock is heard at her door. She quickly shut down the system and answers. Her personal aid along with about ten other women enters. The aid is carrying an off-white dress made from fabric with the sheen luster of pearls with diamonds and gold accents throughout the design, the women doesn’t give her a chance to protest before they begun dressing her. They ignored her bashfulness regarding stripping in front of people she didn’t know. When they are finished, again she didn’t recognize herself. Her auburn hair is falling in gorgeous cascades of curls across her thin shoulder and down her lovely back. She is adorned with pearls and diamonds. The pearls caused the dress to hug her figure which she hadn’t paid much attention to over the years.

She didn’t appreciated being treated like Cinderella. She was used to dressing herself. But shouldn’t deny she looked fabulous when they finished.

“Mr. Cargil will be with you ladies shortly,” her aide said, presenting Bea to her. Who was dressed similar to her mother. Bea was wearing a sparkling diamond tiara. Her white silk bodice were pearls and diamond accented. Her daughter was breathtakingly beautiful. The auburn in her black hair was shinning as radiance as polished bronze. "Sweetie, you look like mommy’s little princess on her way to a ball." The seven year old beamed a missing tooth smile at her mom and swirled around for Ana to get a better look at her.

From the large wall screen in her room they watched and waited for Ashton, Ana watched kings, queens, dignitaries of nations, prime ministers, senators, the mayors LA, Chicago, London, Paris, Tokyo and NYC, the president and vice president of the USA, governors, celebrities, famous athletes, high-end fashion designers, performers, movie stars, in short; everyone considered worth saving shall a world wide disaster strike, parade on the royal blue carpet outside filing into the palace. These are people she have only read about or seen on TV. She and Bea flinched when Nikola, James and Carole passed the screen. She hopes Ashton doesn’t leave her alone to talk to these people. She will have no idea what to say. He did say he was having a party but he said nothing about an United Nation council.

Ashton enters while their backs are turned to the door. He saw them cringed as the man named Nikola Machiavelli enters and mingle with the crowd, that confirms his suspicion. He ordered security to pull the highest ranking satanist from the floor. He might can’t remember some things but he’s positive he totally detests Vonderbilt.


Before boarding his jet Nikola decided to check on his people to see who would be there. "Caldwell, have you receive a holographic invitation from the murderous satyriasis named Cargill?" Nikola asked from his hidden castle. While viewing the strange invitation on pale parchment, Vellum paper, words engraved in dark gold he received approximately 12:00 noon. He had already thrown one away, so how did another land in his lap? This one had a glassine finish. Cargill must had bought it personally, but when.

"Yes, Your Highness," Caldwell replied from the comfort of his east coast American Villa. "It says we’re to meet Mrs. Cargill. I didn’t know the monster was capable of wedding anyone. I thought his style was fuck and dump. I very seriously doubt even he is mad enough to marry her. I don’t know who he’s calling Mrs. Cargill but I can assure you it’s not Ana BuFaye."

"WHAT???!!" Carol cried from the beige lounge she was reclining upon looking like an impertinently unwrapped mummy. Bandages had covered every inch of her body. The wounds from the succum attack had left skin blemishing scars. Lucifer called the harpies off her. The fresh, peeling skin wasn’t the starlet’s best presentation but it had healed well enough to be seen publicly. The media knew better than to comment on her not so perfect skin or they would’ve James Caldwell to deal with. It wasn’t in its grandest condition but it wasn’t anything liquid plastic couldn’t fix. That woman bedevils her like her like a bad case of pertussis. When you think she is done, she pops back up again to fuck with you.

The paparazzi reported earlier she was disfigured from accident caused by Ana Wyett determined to take Caldwell from her. The faux police report said the woman ran in front of the limo and the driver being a kind and gentle soul, swerved and hit a tree instead of running over the deranged woman. Her driver said the demented woman yanked open the limo door before her stupefied driver was clear enough to stop her and douse her with acid before sprinting down the streets. Now she was the America’s darling of every woman who has been cheated on or who have had a husband taken advantage of by a demented, homewrecking, seductress. Several talk show hosts were demanding this crazy woman be brought in to stand trial for attempted murder. One host went as far to say "Attempted murder?! No, I think not. But murder, she’ve already left dead bodies all over America. The criminal insane could be locked away. Another show nude flashed pornographic images of Ana one of her johns had snapped a picture of. So she was getting her revenge. Cargill’s whores hadn’t said anything about him marrying anyone again. The first one turned out to a flux. She calls Dawn Shepherd.

"Yeah, he sent a message yesterday saying he didn’t care where we went but we had to get the hell outta here." Dawn laughed remembering his first so-called facade of matrimony. She told everyone to don’t pay him any mind. This will soon blow over.

Carol wasn’t so sure. The other was a mere private announcement but this time formal arrangements and invitations were sent out. Getting off the phone with Dawn she sputtered "That’s impossible, ancient gods aren’t allowed to marry mortals, they usually take what they want and dispose of her when bored."

James Caldwell is listening to his injured wife whom he fought hard to save, not to Vonderbilt who yells into the phone."Caldwell! Shut her up! I need to think.

That conniving bastard is up to something."

"I couldn’t agree more." James said but wonders what?

“It’s no mystery,” Carol said as if how can men be so stupid and stay alive. “He invited us to the palace to kill us. I heard he have torture chambers all over the place. Perhaps there’s one there too.”

“James...if I hear from her one more time. I’m killing you painfully and very slowly. Resuscitate you if I have to make it last.” Nikola said through hard clenched teeth. James winked and ssshed Carol with his index finger, he looked over at his stunningly beautiful wife. Ana BuFaye went too damn far this time. He too wanted revenge. Every time the woman surfaced there’s a new brand of trouble and now she seem to have Cargill on her side.


At the L.A. Cargill estate there’s a bustle of activities being conducted downstairs. Intricate arrays of decorations must be completed before Ashton returns or heads will roll. Ana’s dress is to be pearly white with diamonds and gold accents throughout the design and so must the decoration. Cargill had given strict instruction that all media and camera crew; he had better not find an image of Mrs. Cargill splashed across the media. He instructed his savvy tech teams to hack and deleted and all images, stories and accounts about her already out there. He knows she probably have read them and pray they doesn’t dampen her mood for the evening.

Observing through the huge monitoring cameras in his office, he sees that the romantic, cultivated decoration meets his rigid stamp of approval. For there isn’t enough time to restart.

By 6:30 P.M Pacific Time everyone is present who was invited. The spacious ballroom is buzzing with light conversation as waiters and waitresses mill among the world’s upper crust severing exotic appetizers, expensive hors d’oeuvres, champagne and fine wine expertly balanced on pure silver trays. Now all’s left to do is introduce the woman he intend to make his wife. "But first I must attend to her enemies." He thinks as he exit into the hidden corridors of the house to arrive in the study a specific guest has taken ordered to be delivered to.


The Grand Wizard knows why he is corralled off from the rest of the guests, he sensed this is the real reason for the invitation. The two men, he knows he could easily escape escorts him to Gogugh Wood panel study. The rich, dark honey tone wood is too light in hue for his taste. Looking around he sees the room has been talismaned to hold a warlock. Cargill is waiting for them at the other end of the vast room.

"Have a seat." Cargill said calmly. Dangerously calm. "My wife recognized you all and had an adverse reaction to all of you."

"I’m sorry for her distress but I do not know your wife. I do not believe I have had the pleasure of meeting her. Perhaps she’s merely suffering anxiety. That isn’t an atypical infirmity before meeting such a large crowd." Vonderbilt lies equally as calm. Nikola was aware of Cargill’s affliction, suffering from spiritual presbyopia. He hopes he doesn’t completely remember their battles.

"Being in darkness too long it affect one’s senses, leaving you disoriented. I could know but also I know you’re satanists. It maybe hard for you to understand having dwell with darkness for so long that you come to understand all things and everyone is connected. And I know who is pulling the strings. It’s YOU! Nikola, stop bullshitting me and tell me the truth! How does she know you?" Ashton asked. Staring glacially at the four as he is slowly regaining some of his memory of why he hates Nikola. He knows the man has created a stunning work of art of moral and civil ambiguity. He ponders if an eye for an eyes, life for a life still acceptable justice for the heavens. According to the Mosaic Laws it still stands. If he kills these four pots of piss will the heavens forbid his marriage to Ana? That wasn’t a chance he was willing to take in order to find out.

Nikola calmly crossed his long, elegant leg, placing his left ontop his right."I don’t know nor can keep track of every satanists on the face of the earth." Nikola said watching Cargill’s eyes change from blue topaz to dark sapphires. He learned years ago do not incite a fallen son of God on Azazael’s level. Cargill quickly drew both hands to his chest with palms facing outward and pressed the air, knocking them out their seats onto the carpeted floor.

"That isn’t what I asked you smartass. How dare you imply she’s one of you dirtbags. Or incite I can’t see you did something dreadful to her and her child." He said watching the four reclaim their seats. Carol, attempted to take his mind off punishing them. "Paphian, I’ve no interest in you, so close your legs." James’ head snapped around, he glowered at Carole who slowly crossed her legs as she turned her back to him.

Observing them for a few seconds he says menacingly. "You hellswines had best to beseech and pray to whatever god you serve that my wife have mercy on you because I won’t if I learn anything otherwise." The thirst for blood and the will to kill was madly raging in his veins. He wanted to clutch his fists to beat it back down. This is his predisposition wedding day. If he kills these people today he will always remember them. They don’t deserve a storage space in his psyche.

Slowly as his disposition changes, his eyes become topazes again. "Go enjoy yourselves. I do not wish to turn her party into a bloodbath. She shall be entertaining you shortly." The change was so swift and abrupt had not they heard his words they wouldn’t have believed he just a few seconds ago threaten to kill them. He smiled a pleasant smile at his guests and leave them for security escort them back to the throng of guests.


"I know who the mysterious Mrs. Cargill is,” Nikola said not displaying the hint of fear churning in his stomach. Fear that Ana is sure to tell him what happen to her before the end of the night.

"Who is she?" Carol asked, anxious to know.

"I believe Mrs. Cargill is Ana Wyett, I was told she was spotted with him in a backwater place called Jasper, WYM." He replied knowing very well that’s who Cargill was referring to. Everyone else he’ve pursued are dead. She’s the last opposition still breathing. But won’t be for long even if he has to die taking her out.

"Well, let’s get the hell outta here!" James Caldwell cried. Fear causing him to forget properly addressing Vonderbilt.

Nikola parasitically asked "Now, just how in the fuck are we supposed to do that when Cargill and half of these employees can run through realms and dimensions like a child running through their parent’s house? These aren’t mortals. These are demi-gods. Look around! Don’t you see those talisman. This whole darn place is rigged."

"How would she know about beings like him?!" Carol whispered for she could feel they were being watched even if Cargill was gone. "The church doesn’t teach about his kind anymore. We’ve seen to that!"

Nikola knew Carol made a vital point, how would Ana Bufaye have known about a fallen son of God? The Grand Wizards and Witches in the past thousand years have made sure that spiritual subjects aren’t taught in churches and anyone who professed to believe spirituality exist is ridiculed or placed in a mental institutions. It has been easy to do that those like himself and Ana who can hear the spiritual realms. It has served the darkforces well to keep the gospel as elementary as possible. No one needs to know the true power of Pentecost.

"My instincts tells me he disguised himself as a mortal. She doesn’t know him but he knows what she is and is determined to use it. No, I don’t think she know exactly what he is. He introduced himself as a mortal man. Courted her and offered her riches, protection and security as a man would. We made it easy for her to accept. It was reported she disappeared after leaving that hospital in Oregon or where ever she was. There had been a brief sighting of her in Washington State." He said turning and hissing at Carol. "You over zest fools have driven her into his arms! You infantile bitch you used succums on her! Those damn things drove her over the edge. That’s why I instructed you imbeciles not to push the powerful ones like her over the edge; their gifts are valuable to more than just us and Hell. It’s valuable to those like Cargill too." Carol had better be thankful his powers were hindered right about now or he would blast her. She attacked Ana for personal reasons. Personal goals has no place in the agenda to rid the world of Nazarene warrior saints and warriors; to set up the New World Order he has been working so hard to lead these sheep into. Now, they made her sick and weak, making her a very easy prey for a supernatural being like Azazael. Narrowing his eyes at Caldwell. He had duly warned to keep his emotions in check. You can’t play love games with someone gifted in love. He even punished him for it. But he might as well had been talking out this ass for all the good it has done in Caldwell listening and obeying.

"Why would a mortal woman marry a fallen son of God?" Nikola’s youthful faced personal aid asked. Again fear made someone forget to ask Nikola for permission to speak. Nikola duly noted these offenses which clearly plans to reconify when they leave this beautiful death trap.

“This doesn’t seems like a wedding to me.” Carol dared to say. “I think Cargill is bluffing to rile us.”

Nikola decided he would deal with her later, right now they all needed to escape with their lives. He has no idea why Lucifer want this couple alive. They’ve been nothing but a royal pain in the ass from day

"Cargill is who orchestrating all this. Ana is a mere pawn to him. He wants her to produce powerful demi-gods. Our world would be their home too, if one parent is mortal. A child or two with with such strength and abilities would be a great asset to Cargill in case he’s locked away again. A Nephilim would be able to operate in both worlds. Our’s and it’s father’s. It could annihilate our worldly structure shall he or she decides to avenge their mother. If an ordinary woman could bore one like Hercules imagine what do you think a Handmaid of God can give birth to. I thought I taught you all all this?"

Bashfully recording what his master taught him the young man visibly grimaced at the thought of the unholy hell this woman’s offspring with Cargill might give them. And the hell Nikola was going to give him for not properly addressing him.

"Carol, if we weren’t being jinxed I’d kill you for driving her to him." Vonderbilt sighed weary, suddenly developing a tension headache, the prolixity of explaining things to these imbeciles had exhausted him. He taught three all this before. So their questions verified they hasn’t been listening. Maybe Huffman was right. He was too kind of a master.

"But Your Highness, Cargill have changed. Normally he would’ve hurt or killed someone by now. His eyes radiated love," Carol quickly pointed out hoping to soothe Nikola’s wrath. "He’s in love and trying to put a better foot forward. So I’m sure he’ll let us go. Being a saint and all. Ana isn’t going to let him hurt us. No matter how badly you treat them saints always find a way to forgive."

In ire and frustration, Nikola angrily raked his long elegant fingers through his hair. "I hope you’re right but I’ll believe it when I see it and if we walk out alive."

Nikola didn’t believe they stood much of a chance of leaving the estate alive. Even hell can’t help them. According to the books of forgotten lores, Cargill once took over hell and ruled it with an iron fist. The heavens came drugged him out of hell and chained him up again because he was raising too much hell for Hell. According to the books Azazael was pulled out for making demons clean up their messes, making them leave condemned souls alone. Citing he was tired of listening to the screaming. He turned hell into a place of order and structure and that wasn’t the purpose of hell. It’s a place of regrets, torments and suffering not a place to build cities and live in order and structure. To this day, people still lives in those cities he built.

James Caldwell remained silent, he hadn’t uttered a word. He was fuming and plotting on how to make Carol suffer for showing Cargill her pussy without his permission. That wasn’t part of the plan. He used every ounce of power to pull those succums off of her and this is the thanks he gets.


The delegates of nations was debating among themselves as to what region or nationality were Mrs. Cargill. They all knew whomever she was and had managed to drag Ashton Cargill to the altar spoke volumes for their part of the world. Meaning they could always beseech her for aid when Cargill said no.

"I believe she’s an American." Said the vice president of the USA, not bothering to hide his proud or he wouldn’t be having the celebration in her homeland."

This blatant display of overconfidence and assurance irked the British foreign minister.

"Hambug! A man of Cargill’s caliber wouldn’t marry one of you," Lord Dumbar sniffled and turned his nose in the air. The US Vice President clenched his fists which his boss knew they would soon go into motion.

“I assume we shall see,” the president said signaling his vice president to unclench his fists. This isn’t the days of duels.

Suddenly a hush fell over the massive ballroom. Everyone turned toward the sound of the trumpet.

“May I present to you, Ms. Ana Pendergrass." The formal announcer elegantly heralded. "And her lovely daughter, Tiara." Ana and Bea stood at the top of the grand marble staircase, civil, polite applauds moved like waves of sound throughout the massive ballroom. Cargill appeared between the two of them and extended an arm to each. Again, applauds rung out but louder. Three beautiful people gracefully descends the flairing arch marble stairs to join the crowd. Cargill beamed with proud as the crowd compliment his wife and daughter.

“See, I told ya.” The US vice president said out the side of his mouth to his British counterpart. Lord Dumbar refused to look at his smirking American counterpart.

“I knew she was one of us. We’ve the most beautiful women in all the world.” Vice President Jackson continued causing the Englishman to decide he had been taunted enough and walked away.

"Ashton!" Ana whispered as they descends the stairs. "Who are all these people?"

"No one but a few friends, dear."

"I thought we were going sightseeing and shopping?" She firmly quizzed him but kept a smiling face.

"We’ll have plenty of time for that." He turned and smiled lovingly at her. The room below erupted in "Ah, isn’t that so sweet." Ana was wondering what in the hell was wrong with these people? Most she recognized from political stances, and the list of movers and shakers of world. She hid her nervousness well. Cargill had thrown her into a world not her own. These were not her people. She and these people had nothing in common.

When they finally reached the bottom of the long staircase, which she was glad this long dress didn’t send her tumbling down she was thinking back to all the people she encounter on the road who needed help. Ana looks around and decided she would later this evening she would call on these millionaires, billionaires and trillionaires for support in charity causes. Her mind was wheeling over what social issue or poverty stricken region to call to their attention?

She held on to Ashton’s arm as he guided them through the crowd of jewelery adorned women in fabulous evening attires and the most beautiful perfumes and men in formality and introduced her to people she had seen on screen. Most were far more beautiful in person than the screen revealed them to be but she she didn’t miss the remarks of several women wondered audibly if her hair was real? It flowed like a gentle river over her shoulder cascading down her back. The lustrous tresses were shimmying in the diamond and crystal chandelier’s illuminating light like a glossy river of auburn silk. Her mother taught her such comments were rude. Did not their mothers teach them the same?

When the beautiful trio neared him Caldwell turned away realizing due to prejudicial teachings and satanic preconceived logistics he didn’t possess a clear mental images of Ana BuFaye, he had never seen how truly beautiful she truly is. He glanced at Carol and saw her beauty, even before the mild disfiguration was pale in comparison. All the times he had seen Ana, she was haggard and distressed, her hair in a single unbecoming braid; she was wearing leather sneakers, T-shirt and jeans. Even the night they had dinner she was tired looking. The night at Janus Cargill’s party she was distressed and wearing a scowl and louring at everyone. He saw she’s truly a Queen of the Nile.

Upon seeing her Nikola immediately noticed she wasn’t walking with the slight limp she moves in nor clutching her midriff in pain. Had angels healed her? Or God, Himself? He was floored. He was having difficulty believing this was the same woman he had been trying to kill. She looked nothing like she did the day they fought in that seedy rental room nor the day she came blazing in his castle looking for her annoying little brat. Then again she was mad as hell and trying to kill him on those encounters. He didn’t know she was so beautiful if well dressed. His people, especially the witches had painted a picture of a woman who was merely a step above ugly, homely and may appear to the average working class joe but never to anyone of his caliber. He wonders which witch had thrown a shroud of misconception over him? He didn’t know why was he expecting some Brazilian beauty to appear. But that was how she looked to him the night he sat on his lap and he fell for her scheme. His temper began to rise when he realized he had been secretly hexed. He sees the witches painted an illusion, they lied to him and if he lived to they would all pay a dear price for lying. He would prove the Spanish Inquisition was rather nice in comparison to himself. Compared to what he had in store for them for their lies. They would all get a shovelful of burning coal up their asses. Had he known it existed he would’ve removed it. This is what he could’ve had had not those imbeciles casted a spell of illusion. He kept his eyes on the surrounding guests but he felt Cargill eye’s boring into him like larvaes eating through rotwood. He concluded that long as Ana Wyett kept Cargill’s eyes on her and off him; kept his mind interested on her, the better his chances of escaping this jinxed place. When he gets out of here He intend to disparaged every coven until he finds the guilty party.

Upon hearing her speak and welcoming everyone for coming, the Southerners among the guests didn’t hide their gloating to the others. That the richest woman in the world was one of them.

When they reached the far end of the grandeur ballroom the elegant dressed nanny in their entourage attempted to do her job, she gently gripped Bea’s hand to her and lead her away. But Ana firmly stopped her saying her daughter shall remain by her side. The woman nods she understood, retreats and disappear into the crowd.

She and Ashton stood side by side shaking hands of their guests as if they were a king and queen. When that crowd dissipated Cargill escorted her around the room and introduced her to more of the most famous people in the world. All seemed eager to please him; Ana found this distasteful. Why were people of this caliber so eager to please Ashton? Aren’t they his same rank?

But she had long noticed Nikola and his entourage avoiding them. Finally Ashton summons them; They very reluctantly came forth but the moment they were in front of them Bea screams at Nikola and Carol, "I hate you bastards! I’m going to kill all of you!" as she lunged for Nikola. Ana pulled her back but her feet were flaying the air, trying desperately to reach him. Nikola head his head up, proud and gracefully; the child remembers them. They’re doomed.

An unsettling silence fell over the room. No one knew where to look as the two most powerful men in the world stared unblinking at each other. Hushed mumbles was heard throughout. Ashton quickly escort Ana and a very profoundly cursing Bea to a downstairs library, closing the door and kneel before Bea and asked why does she hate those two guests so much? Bea told him why. “They tried many, many times to kill us. They sic demons and devils on us. They made mommy very sick. She almost died.” Bea sniffled as Ana rubbed her head telling her everything would alright. Bea nods and wiped her eyes with the heel of her hand.

Kneeling before the sobbing child, Ashton gathered her tiny hands into his own saying, "MMm, ok, sweetie. I promise you they can’t hurt you anymore. I’m not letting anyone hurt you ever again.” He looked up at Ana, meeting her eyes. “Let’s see what can be done to reconfy how she feels," Azazael said looking up at Ana trying to calm Bea down letting her know those words were meant for her benefit as well as Bea’s.

When they reentered the ballroom those four guests were gone. Although Ana was glad they were gone but she didn’t know they had been hauled away to an underground torture chamber beneath the palace. She had no idea one existed. Cargill instructed their lives to be spared because he believed Ana would be able to detect their spiritual imprints expiring. Plus he didn’t know heaven’s stance on letting him marry Ana if he kill someone between now and the wedding. Raphael had voucher for him whereas others said he will have killed someone before the day was over.


He rushed back to the ballroom wondering if Ana was ok or had some of the catty women said something to offend her gentle soul, as he watched with pleasure as Ana conducted herself as if of regal birth amidst the crowd. He decide she would be fine. He watched her well coiffured body move magically in the flowing evening dress she was born to wear. He smiled everytime someone handed her a check for a million or more for whatever social cause she was enlisting their aid for. He also smiled at the fact Caldwell and Vonderbilt had been idiots; not knowing how to capture a woman like that. They went after her in the same crabbish fashion they approached witches. He learned early on intimidation didn’t work on her. She was audacious, gallant and possessed the courage of a lioness. She was no coward nor weakling. Plus she had a heart of gold. Eventually he left her on her own, she could handle the crowd and servants. She wasn’t impressed by their status and wealth.

Taliesin’s lady had invited him. But he came because he wanted to see what was all the big uproar about? Why was Nikola and Lucifer so concern about Azazael’s woman? Sure she was extraordinary beautiful but he saw nothing special about her. He walked to her and tried to kiss her hand. But Ana yanked her hand out of his’ so quick he kissed his own palm. He smiled a devilish but handsome smile. “I see, Azazael has you trained very well.”

Seeing what Taliesin is up too and he wanted to complete the evening without Azazael acting a fool, Ogun, who is also known as Ogoun. Steps in. He was once a god of the Nago and Yoruba of West Africa. Coming from the order right below Azazael he set himself up as a god of iron and warfare. Those who served him he taught them the usage of iron, how to wage warfare, he awarded them by removing difficulties, smoothing the path to a desired result. Those interested in justice, smiths, hunters, barbers, goldsmiths, steel, prayed to him. He pushed Taliesin out the way and away from her as he glided his hand around Ana’s waist which Bea angrily snatched it down. He smiled charmingly at the ill-natured child whom he felt didn’t know her place. Her mother was far too lenient with this ornery little girl. Anyway Azazael’s hair had fanned out like a lion so he knew there was going to be a bloodbath if he didn’t get her away from Taliesin.

Ana looked up to see who was planking her right, she looked up into a man’s eyes whose eyes looked much like her own had hers’ been bejeweled. She wasn’t familiar with this immortal at all. The brother was fine as hell in whatever he was wearing. She liked the royal blue and gold headdress.

“I believe the named heralded was Ana. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Ogun stately said slightly bowing to her.”My name is Ogun.” Taliesin pushed his way before her say, “The name is Taliesin, at your serve__my fair lady.”

She politely nods with a slight smile acknowledging the medium brown haired immortal but turned to the one name Ogun. “It’s nice to me you,” she replied equally as elegant he greeted her. “But what might your real name be?” She politely asked unaware she had been surrounded by men. Mortal and immortals alike. In some ways she was thankful for Ogun serving as buffer between her and this horde. Helena always accused her of flirting and causing me to behave this way. But all he did was walked out the library.

“The name your people once called me was Ogun,” he replied with a finality that translates, “none of your business”.

“Uh huh, but what’s your real name. Your heavenly name?” She asked more fortified, looking him fully in the face. Handsome as he was she could look him in the face, she didn’t love this handsome dark chocolate immortal. He chuckled a soft laughter.

“My dear, that’s unimportant.” His eyes and lips were smiling but tone was clearly saying she needed to worry about the real name of her beau. “You’ve a lovely home here but you’re an even lovelier hostess,” he said looking deeper into her amber brown eyes. He saw her love for Azazael in them and was sadden. Such a beautiful little fawn with a such a deadly lion. He hoped Azazael should shed his warmongering long enough to see what he has.

“All of you! Get back!,” a strong authoritative female voice rung out as the owner shoveled her way to the center.

“Oshun!” Ogun cried kissing her upturned cheek.

“It’s nice to see you too, Ogun,” Oshun said casting him a knowingly glance shortly before another immortal woman arrived who introduced herself as Asase.

“Honey, you seems like a sweet girl and you may think you know how to handle these old scandals but you don’t. Bring yourself over here until Ashton gets back.” Asase refused to take no for an answer and led them both among the group of women who looked like many of the beautiful women she knew. The group politely introduced themselves as Mona, Oba and Yemoja. They all had bioluminescent eyes like their brothers including Ashton.

Another woman approached them, she didn’t bother to hide she wasn’t human. Her skin was intricately patterned with beautiful baroques and scrolls a shade darker than her flawless warm brown skin. She was stunning. But I couldn’t resist staring at her. She was wearing plants. Floral blossoms covered her feminine parts leaving little to the imagination. She pulled behind her gracefully a long train of flowers accompanying a light greenery fragrant that floated with her. Her forest green eyes were trained directly on me in a not so friendly manner, they seems to bore holes in my head. Oba stepped between flower woman and myself. But nonetheless she extended her hand around Oba’s flowing gowned body, “The name is Flora, I’m sure Ashton has mentioned me.” Her sultry voice was like none I ever heard. I shook her hand but I felt an electrical shock pass between us. She held her elegant poise but I saw it hurt. I noted the jewelry she wore was gold leafed accented with gemstones cut into flowers.

“No, as a matter of fact. He hasn’t.” Her eyes clearly told me she didn’t like my reply. But covered that too adamantly with the foliage she wore for clothing. It’ turned my stomach when I realized there was tiny thorns also growing out her skin. Quickly regaining her pose she asked, “So, you’re the lady lady who has my uncle running around like a love-sick flower? The one who stole his heart?”

“I don’t know. You’ve to ask him.”

“I guess not. One has to have a heart for anyone to steal it,” she quipped and turned and walk away. Swishing her floral train behind her like a horse’s hairy tail. Deciding I had had enough of these immortals for one night I looked around to find humans to mingle with. At least I knew what human’s craziness was likely to be about but with these ancients. Who in the hell knows what their problem was? So I extended a future invitation to those who rescued us and excused myself and found a group of humans. At least looking in the eyes of humans didn’t feel like one had an ice cream scooper digging your eyes out. I didn’t need anyone to protect me, I can very well do that myself.


In the steel sound enforced vat chamber under the manison Nikola sat in a corner on the backless metal stool. He rested his mentally tired back against the gray painted wall. Who keeps a torture chamber in a clinical condition? This is just like something Azazael would do. Make you wait for hours in a very uncomfortable predicament. He distanced himself from his subjects believing they betrayed him and couldn’t be trusted. He never remotely trusted them. A satanist can never be trusted but didn’t think any would be inauspicious enough to hex him believing they would get away with it.


When he frustratedly returned to the ballroom from rigidly interrogating and mildly torturing his prisoners security informed him that mother and child had retired for the evening and who had left and what their response to Ana had been. He would deal with the plebeian assholes later. They wasn’t life-threatening. He needed to find Ana and have a soul to soul talk with her. Beg her to listen to her soul and not her head.

Ashton raps at Ana’s door, a personal aide opened it. He rushed pass the woman and find Ana and grabbed both of her hands and kiss them saying.

"Darling I’m sorry for making your night distressful. I knew some of these people may had been horrible to you and Breanna. I should’ve never invited them. I’m dearly sorry they inflicted so much pain on you. I invited them to make it clear they’re to never harm you again. If they do, they shall deal with me." He knew very well vengeance is be a debilitating curse that cast a long shadow down through ages.

"Ashton, what did you do to them?"

"Why? Nothing,’ he lied. “Well, a few I expelled them from the estate never to return nor harass or speak to you again." He semi-lied this time.

"I’ve only seen Vonderbilt close up once and he didn’t strike me as the type of man afraid of anyone.” She lied omitting she saw him up-close and personal to save Bea but a man wouldn’t understand that. “But I sensed he’s afraid of you__what are you? Who are you?" This questioning angered him but he maintain a placid exterior. He never understood the nature of caring what happens to people trying to kill you.

Tightening his grip on her hands as thus if life depended on it, "I’m merely everyone money man. The said richest man in the world. Vonderbilt doesn’t fear me in the sense you perceive. He knows I can destroy his financial empire."

He lowered himself before her, on his knees before Ana he says" Dear, when the little angel is asleep I want us to spend some time together alone if you aren’t too tired." Both knows Bea is drowsy but not yet asleep. "Come back in about an hour, Bea will be sleep by then" Ana replied.


He teleports to his suite once out of her presence, he paced the room. He has to get her to say yes before heaven change their mind for what he did down stairs. But there has been a nagging question about Bea__why he keeps picking up on his own essence in her? She isn’t his child so how she possesses his essence? Maybe he can use that sway her mind. Perhaps Ana can answer that question when he talks to her privately. He told himself he hates to do this but he can’t lose her. He knows if he does he will turn back into a monster. Time is definitely not on his side in this matter. It’s damn near 10:00, Bea take your behind to sleep! His mind steers toward forbidden ground, "I must implant feelings and ideas that aren’t her own. I must implant the idea of a wedding tonight while there’s still a judge and a hundred guests. Although she may wake ready to leave in the morning."


Having sent the aides away, I’m now alone to ponder our frightful and fateful predicament. Vonderbilt was furious at her. I saw it in his eyes. He’s so mad his eyes are crossing. He promised her he would kill her if she let Cargill touch her. He had shown her he would turn them into a horrendous taxidermy display if she messed around with Cargill. She saw clearly tonight there was no reason to doubt that promise.

She also saw Vonderbilt was afraid of Cargill. St least she think that was fear but with Vonderbilt it could’ve been annoyance or gas. So if they fear Ashton, then he can provide protection. Something they’ve never had. Truth be told he isn’t such a bad guy. She could do a whole lot worse. But how would she tell her family her husband is what? She have no idea what ethnic he is. He appears more a black man but like none she ever seen. She knew her mother wouldn’t care if he was purple just so long as he treated her well and loved her. Now, with her siblings that’s a whole nother story. Screw them! If he ask her to marry him she would be a fool not to...So yes, I think I’ll marry him shall he ask. She’ll deal with all that once she get this human hellhound off her ass.

Hell! With ten thousand satanists and the rest of hell after them, you don’t know if you’ll live to see the next hour let alone live long enough for years of courtship in getting to know the person. Shhoot! Women been marrying for centuries for security so why can’t she marry this man to protect them? Everybody already kisses his ass and ask how high when he says jump. Does it make her a horrible golddigger because she wants to live? If it does then fuck everyone who thinks so.


He was literally burning the expensive carpet pacing the floor faster the naked eyes could see. He stopped when he smelt the smoke. He was becoming increasingly frustrated his allure and spiritual implants wasn’t working on her. He didn’t know Ana had already made up her mind to marry him. He panicked when the implants bounced back to him. He figured he would try again tomorrow. But in his mind’s eye he could see her loading up the child and driving out his life forever.


On the south end of the house she paced the floor equally eaten with anxiety awaiting for Ashton’s return. Seeing hatred of her in the satanists face to face meeting tonight clarified to her just how perilous their situation really was. All they been through could’ve cleared that fact up. Where was this notion coming from that perhaps they really didn’t hate her so much? That’s foolishness and she knew it. All the wishful thinking in the world wasn’t going to ever make them able to sit at table of feast without killing each other. And who was she saving herself for? Thad didn’t want them anymore. So why all the celibacy? If a normal man showed any interest in her the satanists drove him away. Marrying Cargill would solve their money and safety problems. Plus she she would have access to resources to help her mother, Mother Harris, Nora and Wayne and thousands of others. Her charity work through his friends donations could save thousands of lives. While in her current condition she couldn’t help herself let alone anybody else. While out on the road counting pennies; there was plenty of days she could barely feed Bea. A lot of times she went hungry so Bea could eat. That $200,000 was long gone. Living on the road with a child was very expensive! The only thing of value she had left was the diamond ring and necklace someone gave her some time ago. She was saving that for Bea’s college funds or whatever she wanted to do in life.

She of all people knew the mind-blowing romance hollered about in movies and romance novels doesn’t exist in reality. Fairly tales existed only in stories starting with "once upon a time." Now when was that time? She hadn’t a clue, it must had been so long ago nobody remembers.

Sure there will kooks who condemn her for her actions but none of them have walked in her shoes all these years. Nor have slept at rest stops or in woods with one eye open. None of them knows what it feels like to damn near freeze to death nor have killers chase them down a dead alley. None have died and been revived twice. So let them talk. And if they talk too much she will sic Ashton on them. She giggled aloud at the thought of sicing him on someone.

"Mommy, what’s funny?" Bea drowsy asked. She thought Bea was asleep. “Nothing sweetie, go back to sleep.” She wanted to say, “Mommy is laughing because she’s losing her mind.”

A soft knock sounded at the door for the second time tonight just as Bea was drifting back to sleep. Ana opens it this time.

"Dear, I must speak to you privately." He said softly seeing that Bea was still awake. She tenderly take his hand and lead him to the smaller adjoining room and close the double doors. "I need to talk to you, too." She said sweetly. Fearing what she was about to say he blurted out "I love you. Will you marry me...I know this is quick but I...?"

She nervously giggled and placed a single finger over his lips and said "Yes, I’ll marry you but my name isn’t Ana Pendergrass it’s Ana BuFaye, used to be Ana Wyett."

He kissed and embraced her with relief and joy in a rib crushing hug. Then kiss her deeper. "I already knew your name! I don’t care what’s your name." He laughed a sound she had never heard before, it as if thunder laughed. Serenely he says "I’ve something to tell you. I’m not exactly like you."

"Well, I can see that." She giggled."I saw that the very first time I saw you."

In mock astonishment he cried." You knew and yet said nothing? Here I’m walking around trying to find a way to tell you without scaring you off and you knew all along." He laughed that thunderous laughter again. "I never dreamed I could be so happy." He said wiping away a tear as he pulled out an expensive jewelry box from his formal wear’s breast pocket. "I wanted to ask you yesterday so I hope you like it." He said placing the ring on her middle finger.

She reminded him he did ask her yesterday but she said no. But she has an entire day to think it over.

"A priest and judge is downstairs now plus over 100 guests. Let’s do it now. I can’t wait any longer." Catch up in his infectious excitement she agreed to a wedding now. They swung opened the double door and delivered the news to Bea who asked needing assurance. "My room will really be ’my room?’

"Yes, for as long as you would like. Daughter, you’re home." Ashton ensured her.

"What do I call you? And when do I get my pony? You said you would take care of my pony." He and I exchanged glances wondering what was Bea talking about? “Well, you call me Daddy__if you would like to." He replied.

"Nah, I already have a daddy." Bea quipped.

"Then call me Ash."

"No, I’ll call you Egghead!" Bea said falling back into her pillow laughing at her own joke. His essence in her was so strong it startled him a bit.

Mockingly, sullen and pouting, "I don’t want to be called Egghead." He whined.

"Ok, ok, I’ll call you Ash." Bea cried somewhat reverting her joking. But is still giggling.


The aides helps them both redress after Ashton leaves to go downstairs to make matrimonial arrangements. The personal aides make a wedding veil of diamonds with her hair, the hairpins are diamond tipped. She swear the women place hundreds in her hair. Forty-five minutes her aides answers the phone telling him all is set.

She didn’t think to ask where did this wedding dress come from. They didn’t give her time to her. Giving her a bouquet of Forget-me-not, she have no idea where the woman got it from. She hears soft dreamy music drifting from somewhere in the room. Bea seems to automatically knows her role. She raised her arm and tell her mom she is who to give her away. Like a pint-size queen Bea escorts her mother all the way down stairs, across the vast ballroom to the grandeur altar with harp players dressed in white, violinists playing softly.

Walking down the hall with her attendant she is curious as to how he managed create the illusion of real clouds and get people dressed like angels in the ceiling but doesn’t ask any questions. All this wasn’t out here when she retired. What did he have? Magical elves working for him?

This time they had to make it down these killer stairs without him. Somehow they make it without tumbling down them. The crowd parts as she reach the bottom, opening a way leading to the arched corridors leading to the garden. The attires he is wearing__she have never seen anything quite like it. It’s white and gold, slightly militia in design but he looks very handsome to her in it. She looked the way his long thick veriscolored hair hung about his shoulder, descending over them in ripples and curls like a a graceful lion’s mane. She decides on the priest rather than the judge to perform the ceremony which was very simple.

Wearing the light almost white dress with a heart-shaped neckline decorated in soft yellow diamond that twinkled as she walked toward him. The heaviness of the stone molded the fabric of the dress to her perfect figure. She moved unconsciously as seductive in it as he imagined she would, the matching necklace and bejeweled hair made her more regal than she already were. He watched her totally enshrouded in love. An ancient love surfaced in his heart as Bea led her mother to stand before him and the priest. Who shortly afterward begun donning in a loud clear voice the traditional wedding vows before asking the couple did they have their owns.

He reached down and gently gather both of her gloved hands into his’. He placed his finger under her chin and slowly tilted her face so she looked him directly into those usually unnerving gemstone eyes but today they were illuminating a soft, beautiful ethereal glow. These were Ashton’s words:

"My angel, my all, my other half, my better angel — only a few words today can express my heart. I confess my love to you before God and men — Before I found you, my love. What abominable waste of time was such in my existence — why this deep grief, where necessity speaks? For without you I’m nothing. I love you like none other.

I know our love can survive through sacrifices, we’ve proven that more than once and not by demanding everything of each other? But by tenderly giving. Canst thou change it, that thou are not entirely mine, but I’m entirely thine? Oh God, looked into beautiful Nature and compose your mind, your beauty. Our meeting and falling in love was to the inevitable. Love demands everything and is quite right, so it is for me with you, for you with me — I love you deeply, deeper than words can say. That I love enough for you and for me — we quite united, here in our hearts. I give my all to you, even my immortal existence.

Even today as I gaze upon your loveliness, I cannot communicate my remarks to you, which today I dedicate my life — were our hearts close together, I should make any such remarks. My bosom is full, overflowing with my love for you, to tell you much — there are moments when I find that speech is nothing at all. I do not need words to see your love. You must know you brighten my ancient life, like a luminous star on a starless night. Through your eyes I see all things anew — remain my true for eternity. You are my only true treasure, my all, as I to you. The rest the gods must send, what must be for us and shall.

Your faithful heart is dearly prized.

You suffer, you, my dearest beloved. You suffer — oh! But no more, from this day forth where I am, you are with me, with you and I will be much joy. I shall never cease making you happy, I shall arrange that comfort be laid before you, with you. My queen. What a life!

Pursued by the unkindness of people here and there, whom I have no desire to earn just as little as they earn of your compassion — humility of man towards men — it pains me — and when I regard myself in connection with the Universe, what I am, and what I’m to He is Whom is called "He Who is Ancient of Days" — and yet — there lies herein again the godless of man__mortal and immortal alike. I weep when I think you of all you endured to make it to this altar — as you too love — yet I love you stronger — I promise to never hide myself nor my love from you. This palace is it not a building of heaven, but it will house our Love and family just the same — as firm as the citadel of heaven. We shall make it our heaven.

Last night even in bed my thoughts, my heart, my very being yearn towards you, my dearest Immortal Beloved, joyfully, but not patiently awaiting the hour of our union. Now, that I’ve found you I can only live, either altogether with you or not at all. Yes, I have wander about for so long, far away, until I can fly into your arms and call myself quite at home with you, can send my soul enveloped by yours into the realm of spirits — yes, into the realm of pure joy. I pledge my undying faithfulness to you; never another one can own my heart, never — never! O God, to be away from you is such wretched, miserable life. Your love made me the happiest in my existence. At my actual age I’ve seen and been places many here can not even begin to fathom but the greatest place I’ve ever stood is right here by your side. I know we will have continuity, sameness of years of love, so be calm — love me — today — yesterday and forever. Not even death shall separate you from me. I’ll follow you to the very Throne of Heaven if I must.

My longing in tears for you is over — You Love— my Life — my All — my Beloved Wife. Oh, go on loving me — never doubt the faithfullest of your heart nor mine. I promise to always be your Romeo, your beloved, your faithful husband, Ashton. I will love you until the end of days and beyond."

He gently kissed her when finished. The priest duly reminded him the ceremony wasn’t over yet drawing a few chuckles from their guests.

She removed the left hand glove and rings he had just given her as Sewell handed him the six hundred million dollar ring set to place on her finger. Bea was standing beside her mother holding the glove and bouquet beaming up at them both. With the ring fully in place she looked up into his brightly shining eyes and begun to speak from her heart saying:

"My Dearest husband, You’ve always been my best friend, my lover and have always had my best interest at heart. You’ve always been my protector even when I didn’t want it. If I should I draw you the picture of my heart it would be that when near you I know that I’m loved. I do not fear in giving my loving heart to you for I know we will never part. I know you will never intentionally hurt me. When with you I feel safe and secure and my heart is at rest. I know you still love me down through the years to come. This assurance contains nothing new. The early possession you obtained of my love frighten me and the absolute power you have obtained over it, leaves not the smallest space unoccupied. I can see in your eyes there’s no room for love of another. That I fill your heart to the brim.

My love, shall I tell you, my dearest, that tears of joy filled my eyes this night at the sight of your face? With your love and protection I’ve lived to see the close of the years of our separation. This is a merry night which seems like sunrise to me.

I look back on the early days of our acquaintance and friendship as to the days of love and turmoils but somehow we made it this far because we were determined to be together. But mostly I look back on them with an indescribable pleasure. Years have roll by with an affection heightened and improved by time, nor have the dreary years of absence in the smallest degree effaced from my mind, heart, of the image of the dear, remarkable immortal man to whom I gave my heart. You are and always will be my ’Immortal Beloved.’"

She reach up and gently caressed his handsome with her gloved right hand, he kissed her palm before she turned at the priest’s instruction and took the ring her assistant was holding on a black velvet tray and place it on his ring finger.

"You two have already said what is in the vow. There’s nothing further to say but ’I now pronounce you husband and wife.’ You may now kiss your bride."

The room erupted with applause and congratulations. He gently pulled me to himself, so close we two became one. He kissed me a kiss that sent electricity down my spine, a deep and emotional, but long, soft, searching, extended, inferring there’s "more to come." Again, the potential of what could come is what’s most appealing to me. I was a little disoriented when he let me go to look into my eyes. Not that I would ever tell him that.

Bea’s nanny was trying to pull her away so we could be alone, but Bea wasn’t moving. She was determined to stay by her mother’s side.

Some of the great exhilaration was easing up and I looked around the room at several disgruntled faces who immediately replace their malcontent expression with one of joy the moment he turned in their direction.

It was exactly 11:59 P.M. when the priest pronounced them husband and wife and present to the world’s elite, Mr. and Mrs Ashton Cargill. On that fateful day Ana BuFaye became Ana Cargill, the single most richest woman in the world.

For Cargill, what started out as feeling trapped and his only wanted healing turned in something real, it brought joy not the dreadfulness of losing his freedom.

The guests and household staff were the well-wishers who threw the rice the kitchen provided them as the couple walks across the shiny marble floor with Bea and her nanny in tow. Ana didn’t know that Bea wasn’t naive about sexuality. When Ashton picked her up to carry her the six flights of stairs.

Bea cried out aloud from behind them. "I want a little sister."

Ana gasped in shock. Everyone else laughed, finding Bea’s outburst adorable. Why not? The kid was sinfully rich now. Everything she did was cute. Bea didn’t know the full details yet but she had an inkling what was about to happen, although she went stubbornly with her appointed nanny.


The guards had been instructed to bring the four back to the fold of guests. Ashton didn’t want Ana to suspect anything.

Listening to the couple pawn all over each other made Vonderbilt corporeally ill, he glared at them and shimmered in well bridled rage. This abomination can not be happening, again. She may not know it’s forbidden that mortals marry immortals but Azazael knows. Most fairy tales end with a happily ever after. But this isn’t a fucking fairy tale. He would see to that. She think her Prince Charming is about to whisk her away into the sunset. But he’d see to that never happening. This is a dangerous liaison, a lore about betrayal, lust, desire and, ultimately, revenge.

His rage built in a roaring thunder in his ears, but Orman taught him you never let anyone see it. "I’m her stranger, her midnight visitor, her shadow in the corner of every room. It’s I who stalked her, watched her, know everything about her. Azazael knows nothing about her nor care. But here I’m in this damn hexed room, all I can do was sit and wait.

I waited night after night for a chance to visit her. A few nights I shedded my evil shell to make it through the prayer barrier, no one knows that but God and I. Had I wanted her dead she would be so by now. She was becoming my addiction, my craving, my obsession. It was like she knew every inch of my mind, but I knew nothing about hers’. I enjoyed making her chase me in the realm of dreams. Her face was always all aglow so I never saw her clearly but the love beaming from her a gentle soothing ebb that I wanted to grow and grow.

I’m her opposite. In war and love. Not Azazael. And as crazy as it sounds, I think I’m falling in love with her. I’m the only mortal t match her in spiritual strength. But her gift of love is stronger than my own. My have long turned to vinegar. I wanted to take her, possess her, dominate her, and ruin her. I wanted to ravish her, please her, and consume her until she can’t take much more of me.

I’ll make her want me to kiss her. I’ll make her want me to hold her all night so that she feels the spiritual connection with me. So she’ll know that she and I are opposite side of the coin, not she and Azazael. I’d make it so that she seek me out in love not hate. I’ll be the one that satisfies her ultimate fantasy. I’ll be the dream lover, the stranger who sneaks into her room in the predawn hours to make passionate love. Someone who gives her the ultimate pleasure, but also seeks to give her ultimate pain. Pain she has never had to endure. I want to make what she has endured so far a day at the Rivera. Pain that will eat away at her until there is nothing left. I want to break her will, break her very soul, consume and eat it like a fresh, juicy nectar.

She is my nemesis and I’m hers’. When I get out she will know the true meaning of payback is a bitch. She broke my heart so I’ll destroy hers.”


Carrying Ana over the threshold of his living suites Ashton was glowing so bright he illuminated the dark corners of the vast room. This room seemed almost the size of the ballroom they just left. To her the duvet looked too expensive to sleep under. The size of the bed was like none she had ever seen. It was what he called an emperor’s size. Someone had already laid out a virginal white gown for her. She chuckled at the meaning of that gown. Seeing her eying it, he volunteered. "Your aide, Tangis Alworth laid it out for you." Ana felt a tang of guilt she didn’t even know the woman’s name.

Sitting her afoot, he says "Welcome home dear. But before we get to the fun part there’s something I want you to see." Pulling out sheets of paper along with a sophisticated ISPAN. "I’m signing authorization of all my worldly good to you. So you can access them if needed." He says signing each sheet and passing it to her to sign. As she signs them, she reads them. She doesn’t understand all the legal lingo but she sees it’s not a postnuptial agreement.

"Keep them in a safe place, there’s a safe in this room, built into the wall. You need this in case anything happens to me." He seriously stressed. What he really meant was: "I’m about to make serious love to a Handmaid of God and my big brother Michael might come and snatch me away if Father disapprove of my actions. And you’ll never see me again but as my wife you will need access to all that’s mines."

Frowning, looking at the papers and looking down at him with her brow crimpled in great concern she asked. "Honey, what’s going to happen to you?"

He kissed her hand resting softly on his shoulder and smile up at her standing beside him. "Nothing that I can forsee but a husband could always prepare for unforeseen events..." He signs more papers as he listen to a message from up above. "If you consummate this marriage you will have tied yourself to her all the days of her life. When her earthly life is over, you may no longer walk this earth as a man." Raphael told him these words earlier, but he decided he would rather be happy with her 50 years than walk this earth unhappy for another 14 trillion.

Ana slowly perused all the documents and place them in a leather binder he provided, telling her to create her own password combination to lock the safe. It’s simple, no need to write it down__it’s hers and Bea’s birth dates. She did wondered why were he giving her 700 trillion dollars, what were she to do with such large sum? She didn’t ask why?

With the legality out the way she walks over to his liqueur cart and pour herself a Merlot. She was tried of champagne. She needs a drink to calm her nerves. She pick up the gown and heads to the bathroom.

"You know, you don’t have to do this tonight just because we are married." He says nipping the back of her nape.

"I know but I’m your wife and this is our wedding night." She says determined this one be better than her first one where Thad got inpatient with her. He release her to continue her trek to the bathroom. She looks at herself as she passed a huge wall mirror wondering how her life changed so quickly. A week ago they were eating greasy burgers at truckstops, today she just married the very richest man in the world. She noticed, she too was glowing as brightly as he. She was happy. The bathroom had a pool inside. This was no sauna but a pool.

"What’s up with all the glowing?" She giggled asked her image in the huge mirror.

When she shyly emerged from the bathroom he poured them both a glass of champagne as she entered from the decorative chamber like bathroom connected to the bedroom. The moment he saw her he recited the words he had given a man of nobility because the man had a handsome face and a club foot.

"She walks in beauty, like the night"

Of cloudless climes and starry skies,

And all that’s best of dark and bright

Meets in her aspect and her eyes;

Thus mellow’d to that tender light

Which Heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less,

Had half impair’d the nameless grace

Which waves in every raven tress

Or softly lightens o’er her face,

Where thoughts serenely sweet express

How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.

And on that cheek and o’er that brow

So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,

The smiles that win, the tints that glow,

But tell of days in goodness spent,—

A mind at peace with all below,

A heart whose love is innocent."

Ana stopped and stared at him in somewhat awe and admiration for she knew those words but from not whence they cometh. She knew they came from Lord Byron but he spoke as though they were his own.

"I had hoped some day I would find my true lady love whom I could speak my open heart to," Ashton said rising to meet her and handing her the long stem glass of champagne. To him, she was a vision of divinity. "Believing back then I’d never find you, I gave the words to my heart away. Hoping shall you read them in whatever era that was yours you would know it was I speaking them to you across the gulf of time."

Accepting the glass she curiously asked. "Were you Lord Bryon?" He picked her up and carried her to the bed without answering, laid her gently on the oversized pillows. After over 65 trillion years of waiting for her. A few minutes was nothing.

"No, I wasn’t. I simply decided to help the lad out after seeing him fall so miserably on his face at a party. But I’m not responsible for how he later abused my words."

He’s wearing a white silk robe and matching shorts which he soon steps out of. What she can see of him, he has gorgeous legs, buttock and a huge muscular chest. She isn’t sure she can handle all that! He’s ripping with muscles! He meet her halfway the massive room wearing nothing but the silk robe and pick her up and carry her to the bed. He kisses her deeper than ever before as he laid her gently on the pillow. He hands her her glass of wine and ask would she like some of the strawberries and cream on the stand near the bed. She says no. Of course she doesn’t tell him but she and Thad had strawberries and cream on their wedding night.

There is no need for the lamps they are both providing enough light to fully see each other.. "I’ll be gentle dear." He said breathlessly.

"How would you know that?" She asked surprised he knew that.

"I don’t smell nor sense another man essence on you." He said moving his hand up her thigh not quite touching her vagina. As if he was teasing it. Teasing him she asked "What kinda nose do you have if can smell all that?"

Looking down at her lying on her back he emotionally said. “Before you my life was not sweet, there were many allures but now there’s only one. You, my eternal love.”

He gently rise her to remove the gown. She’s even more beautiful than he suspected.

Under his hands her body feels good and her form familiar. He knows reincarnation isn’t real but yet she feels as if he already knows her.

A soft moan escapes her lips, she wants to scream his name but doesn’t. She doesn’t want him to judg her. He kisses her all over, her skin is hot to his lips. He moves down to between her legs which are still closed tight and gently opens them and lower his head between them. He feels her thigh trembling.

"Relax, my darling." He said kissing her softly.

. A Niagara Fall of emotions flood her, she can no longer remain reserved. It was as if he loosen a nexus in her. She wanted him in her badly but was afraid to tell him, what would he think of her? When he finally enters her, she gasped. She’d no idea his being so huge would be so uncomfortable. It was like he was touching places inside she didn’t know she had feelings. He gently pushed himself further into her and wait for her to adjust. He proceed in gentle oscillating strokes, taking her higher and higher. She felt greedy as if she was wanted all of him in her. She doesn’t realize she is whimpering until he tells her to be herself. She follows her instincts and rollover. She had always wanted to experience sex in this position but never asked Thad to abide. Her entire body felt sexual aliveness. She doesn’t realize she’s screaming passionately and he has put up a sound barrier. The affect she’s having on him is pyrotechnic and skyrocketing. He can’t remember the last time he felt lascivious and lustfully in love with a woman and desired her with a burning fever. Usually with him lust and love were not partners in the same bed. But with his new wife, he wouldn’t have it any other way. He loved her as much as he desired her.

She was getting bursts of energy from somewhere. Was it from him? They were giving and receiving in an unselfish love, neither realized they were both glowing all over.

For the next seven hours they made sweet, passionate love as if they had known each other for years.

He proceeded to make beautiful love to his wife forgetting there maybe celestial interference. None occurred so that means she came to him on her own free will. When she falls asleep in the embrace of his arms he dreams of their life of happiness together. He knows he have found a happiness all his own and hopes she feels the same.

She was positive she saw a fade shade of iridescent wings expanding the width of the room as he made love to her. She reached out to touch them but her hands felt nothing as she tried to grasp them. She intended to ask him his real name but he made her forgot that question too.


When the lord of darkness hears about the wedding. He is furious! "A union between a warrior saint and a formerly heavenly warrior?! Hell-to-the-no!" Lucifer shouts shaking his lair. He temporarily metamorphosed in the old dragon he truly is to show his utter disgust with Azazael derailing his plan. Fire laced spit splattered the floor of his palace. Azazael has always felt he could have whatever belonged to others. He didn’t know the meaning of the word “NO!”

"We’ve to find a way to tear those two apart since heaven isn’t doing it’s job," he consults Lilith and Moloch.

"Imagine what their fucking off-roots will be like? With her holiness and Azazael’s strength." Moloch cussed. "That could turn into a major pain in the ass real quick."

"How was he able to marry her? Couldn’t Azazael’s ass be burning by now?" Filth speculates as he slithered along the floor before shifting into an upright stance. "Where is Vonder, why is he allow this abomination to take place?"

"Azazel has him locked away with a bunch of half-breeds guarding them. When they consumed their vows, the energy they created together burned away all those we sent to help Vonderbilt escape." Moloch informed his king and queen.

"Van told me about the whirlwind courtship but knowing Azazael, I thought he wouldn’t go through with it. I thought he was just sweet-talking her for the pussy. I didn’t predicted he was serious. He suffers memory lost from all those beatings and isolated confinements. Nobody thought he would remember her and resume their relationship." Lucifer grunted, kicking one of Lilith’s were panthers out of spite. The creature yipped and inched closer to it’s mother.

Smiling devilish as a diabolical idea form in her atrocious mind, Lilith says. "He lives with a group of women. A whole harem which I’m certain his little wifey doesn’t know that__tell Van to help them get the message to her that her beloved husband just a few days ago was in bed with a bed full of women. Knowing women, as I do, no woman wants to hear that. It will be easier to get her to leave him when she finds out just how big of a sex fiend he really is."

Lucifer and Moloch laughs and guffawed at the lunacy of Lilith’s idea. "She probably already knows that about him! Didn’t she just spent the night with him?!"

Moloch paused and pondered. "That kid she already has, I think some that Poseidon and Aegean shit happened there. I mean the child isn’t a demi-god but I picked up on traces of Azazael in that girl. So I think he’ve found her much sooner than the get-together 2-3 years ago. But is just now deciding to settle down."

Lucifer hated it when Moloch made his point difficult or long-winded. And most of all when he maybe right.

"WHAT!? YOUR POINT?!" Lucifer yelled. Being from a lesser order of angels Moloch knew all about Lucifer’s impatience. But humans knew him far better than they knew Lucifer. Although, most thought he was Lucifer. Very few have actually seen Lucifer. Lucifer only appeared when someone was a worthy adversary. Like this Ana BuFaye.

"My point is that’s Azazael’s child by proxy. We snatch her. Hold her hostage and make him deliver Vonderbilt to us in exchange for the child. And when we get Nikola we hid the child further to make her leave him if she want the child back. It’s no brainer, a choice between Azazael and the kid__the kid wins all hands down," Moloch reasoned out his plan.

Lucifer beckon for Moloch to come closer and leant over and sweetly said with hot fiery dragon breath, "There’s a problem with that plan...have you forgotten so soon what that nutjob is like? Have you forgotten how he took over hell?! How they had to drag him out of here kicking and screaming? He’s pure psycho! There’re enough of his seeds already here; over in the damn city he built. All of them are a pain in the just like their father. Just why would I want another pain in my ass. I don’t need anymore of Azazael’s headaches. Haven’t that dumbass warlock ever heard of running? He could’ve ran the moment he got that invitation. Azazael doesn’t invited anyone to tea parties, if he invite you anywhere you’ll end drinking your own body fluids. Besides Vonderbilt is failing me anyway. He haven’t captured the woman and created a body for me. I want a Godly mother too. Jesus had one. Nikola has his own powers, that’s the problem with those like him, they’re harder to control. But I haven’t found anyone who can defeat him yet as why he still sits in that seat," Lucifer lectured before smacking Moloch side the head for a dumb idea.

"He’s the opposite of her. Used to be like her until we drove him insane with grief. He turned to evil out of spite against Father. The best kind of evil." Moloch chuckled thinking about the young Nikola in the vineyard crying like a baby while Orman’s people kill, rapes, plunges his family and burn down the house.

"Do you all suspect he’s been stalling us? I mean, how hard can it be to catch her and fuck her?" Lilith cried. "Do you supposed he is turning back and letting her go. After all he was once like her. I don’t think he’s trying."

"Nahhh. He’s a prime example of ’When saints go bad!" Moloch snickered secretly congratulating himself on turning Nikola.

Resuming his original form Lucifer fathom the meaning of heaven allowing this wedding. He believe he knows what heaven is up. This is no meeting and falling in love bullshit. Heaven planned this. He didn’t believe for one second one of the greatest of the heavenly warriors outside the archangels just happen to fall in love with a great warrior saint? Come on, who did they think they were fooling? For it definitely wasn’t him. They want Azazael back on their side and what better way to accomplish that than sent someone they know he’

ll fall in love with?


Morning arrived and the couple was lying peacefully together, Ashton couldn’t believe his luck. Well, rather blessing for luck had nothing to do with this. Couldn’t believe he wasn’t dragged away in the night. He glance down at his wife sleeping peacefully on his massive chest. He hoped she conceived. Her scent haven’t changed. If not, he would keep trying until she does. And if those damn succums have destroyed her reproductive system he was going to destroy every satanist could find starting with Carol Caldwell.

"Good morning, baby." Ana cooed, kissed him and snuggled closer to him. He didn’t know she was awake.

"Good morning Mrs. Cargill. What would you like to do today."

"I would like to stay here all day but we better check on Miss Queen Bea or it will be hell to pay." Ana giggled a soft throaty laughter.

"Ok," He said agreeing but instead they make love again. While getting ready for the wedding he told his people to fly in the ponies. He had no idea which ones or One Bea was talking about but twenty could keep her busy for the next few hours. Around 10:00 A.M. she slips away from Ashton who playfully pulls her back to bed. Every piece she put on he pulls it back off until she begun slapping his hand away.

"Hey, we’re honeymooning." He laughed justifying his mischief.

She finally gets dress and can’t noticing his magnificent well-toned body. He isn’t covering himself as she does. Going to the east end of the palace she pushes her room door open and Bea is in there propped up in the bed on multipillows with a tray across her lap eating a late breakfast. She could see it was going to be a pleasantly warm day.

"Good morning, honey bunny!!" Ana said kissing the crown of Bea’s head. "What would you like to do today?"

"Sleep. I got twenty ponies to take care of," Bea replied. "I wanna sleep all day. Momma you don’t have to check on me all the time. I’m not a baby anymore."

"Ok, Miss Grumpy."

"Mom, I could get used to this!" Bea exclaimed. "Breakfast in bed, somebody running your bath water, and a whole wall that’s a reversed tv! None of them are my pony but I like them. They said my pony is grown up by now."

"Yeah baby, I assume she is a big horsey by now. But why are you eating in bed? You aren’t sick are you?"

"I didn’t ask for this." Bea said defensively. "The nanny who stayed with me all night asked did I feel like going downstairs for breakfast and I told her no. She had this brought upstairs to me."

“Well, if you haven’t gotten up yet how did you see the ponies?” Ana curiously inquired. Bea grabbed a remote laying beside her and clicked. A massive screen soundlessly slide down almost to the floor. She pressed a button and the stable appear. Heck, I didn’t know we had a stable.

A healthy knock resonated at the door. Ana rose from the bedside to answer it. A young woman about her age poked her head in and asked if Miss Bea was finished? Bea shook her head. "No, not yet." Ana told the woman a few years younger than herself. The woman quietly closes the door.

"Miss Bea?!" Ana teases her daughter, "When did you become Miss Bea? So now everybody have to call you "Miss Bea?"

Bea shrugged her seven year old shoulders and spooned another heaping of cereal into her heart-shaped mouth. "Yeah, my nanny say everyone have to call me Miss Bea because my parents are their bosses." Bea said looking around her mom as cartoons blared on the screen so big it’s like you’re at the movie theatrics.

"Mom, do me favor__tell the nannies to leave me alone. I want to sleep. There’re three of them. I can barely go to the bathroom by myself. Gee!"

Curiously Ana asked the attending nanny why isn’t she in her own room? Bea took liberty to answer the question, "A nanny is to be here waiting on me all the time. Mom, I can kill demons so surely I can sleep by myself. I’m too old for bedtime stories."

What Ana nor Bea knew is Ashton ordered Bea to be guarded all night in case something break through in an attempt to rescue Vonderbilt.

"Ok, honey I’ll talk to them about allowing you privacy. But honey we may have to have lots of security now. I just married a very wealthy man."

"You married him. I didn’t!" Bea said surly.

"Honey, I’ll tell them today is your sleep-in day." Ana says patting Bea’s leg.

"Thanks mom!" Bea said drowsy snuggling deeper under the comforter bumping the tray which Ana removes and place on the trolley. Ana notices Bea has the mystery blanket folded over her pillow. She doesn’t ask why? She knows Bea has adopted it as her security blanket.

While Ana is telling the nannies to give Bea a break, Ashton have already told them to stay on high alert. Don’t let Bea out of their sight no matter Mrs. Cargill say. He knows he can’t tell his new bride he have some of the wedding guests in an underground chamber torturing them and suspect their hellish pals might try to rescue them and use Bea as leverage to force him to let Vonderbilt and friends go. Even if these people are her tormentors.

Ana reenters Ashton’s room which he’ve now dabbed their bedroom. He’s sipping a cherry while a late breakfast await for her on a table for two near the north window. He isn’t interested in eating, his interest lies with her.

"Ana, I’d like to build you a house like this that’s strictly yours. You decorate it as you see fit. What do you say? Any specific location you would like?" She hadn’t thought that far ahead. She kinda assumed this would be their home. "No, I can’t think of anywhere I’d like to live."

Draping his arms lazily around her waist and pulling her onto his lap, "This place is nearly 400 years old. I thought to build us something new." He said. She looked around. It’s certainly didn’t look 400 years old. Just as she was about say this is fine, this is beautiful. Bad Ana said. “Shut up, if he wants to build you a home__let him.”

He was still thinking about asking her have they met before as to how Bea has his substance? But decided to wait until she was more comfortable with him.


By now the Cargill household had bust into a fury of activities. The staff was preparing to send the family off on a long honeymoon. They decided they liked Ana much better than Dawn whom the oldest staff member had tolerated her insults for the last twenty something years. They grimaced everytime Cargill brought her here.

They all saw the new Mrs. Cargill was no pushover. She could direct her husband with nothing but her eyes. No one had ever seen him go shopping and some had been with him well over a hundred years. But Ana told him they were going shopping before they set out on a long voyage and there was no protest from him. So she had sass, everyone know that sassy women have class, bitchy women don’t.

Anyone who’s ever seen a sassy woman in action knows the difference. Sass takes a certain degree of cultivated class, whereas bitchiness is outlandish, trashy and undignified. Women like Ana are diplomatic and have a calculated approach in what they’re going to say and how to act. They’re respected for their assertiveness. Bitchy women, on the other hand, act irrationally and impulsively without thinking things through. If Ashton had pissed Dawn off she often took it out on the staff or new harem members.

Bitches like the harem displayed their temperament 24/7 and won’t bother to alter their words. Their emotions are the driving force behind their actions; whereas, sassy women use a certain degree of logic and know-how to keep themselves in tact. So yes it would be much better working under Ana. Dawn no longer had access to the house.

Besides what was four days of actual work in comparison to years of rent free living, free food, driving expensive vehicles. They doubt Ashton would be bring them back anytime soon.

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