Merry Christmas everyone!

  I know it’s been a long time since I’ve sent an update, and I’m very sorry for being so busy as of late. I also would like to apologize for the lack of updates and support which I normally try to give each of you. But I’ve have been so busy with my series, speaking at book clubs, libraries and doing many other things relating to the books. Today is my first day off in a long while.

But...with the holidays upon us all I couldn’t rest until I told you all, Merry Christmas. This has been an interesting year. After seventeen or more years of writing I had to do what I had to do in order to get my work published. I doubt I would last another 17 years waiting. LOL! I had to go to my audience to where my readers were and now perhaps the online ones will grow that the offline ones  are soaring.

Some of you may know my first book of the series is already out there. The results has been far more astonishing than I suspected. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when the book hit the market. Although, my book was not published here for I never received the number of orders required, I would like to thank you so much for helping me make my dream come true.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,


Hello, Everyone, I know I haven’t been here in quite a while but I checks in periodically to see how everyone is doing and those of you who have won the contest or even entered. Congratulation! Those of you who made it to Quill and/or full publishing. I am so proud of you! I will be looking for your books online or in a bookstore. I would love to walk in the local Barnes and Noble and see one of you all’s books on the shelves instead of a bunch of strangers. Again, Congratulation! And keep up the good work. :)

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Every book, movie or film the couple has their signature kiss. I choose this one for Ana and Ashton’s kiss. She walked through time back to his era and is persuading him to stop acting like Azazel.  

All, thank you for the support. I have gotten some news that I’m waiting to see how it pans out but two media productions companies have asked about the series. One would like to submit it to Universal studio. Another is suggesting submitting a finished film to the Sundance festival. Sorry, I had to look that up and see what it was. And after looking it all up. I was like Wow! Wow, I never expected all this attention on something not published yet.  I knew it had gained stellar attention off line but I didn’t expect anyone to recommend it to a production company! I laughed to myself "I can get a film production recommendation when I can’t get an online book one."

Yes, I’m aware there are scam artists out there who will say they will make your book into a movie if you pay them large sums of money. So always do my research on such offers. 

I will let you all know how it turns out.

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Hello everyone. The Immortals aren’t finished with their evil deeds.

Hello everyone, I hope  you all had a great Labor Day Weekend. The clock is steadily ticking down to the deadline and less than 1% of those following have ordered.  We’re seriously running out of time if this book is to at least make Quill. If there’s a problem with the work as to why you haven’t order. Tell me. I am always open to suggestions.

So the time to help this book into the stores is now! As the old adage goes, "It’s now or never!" I understand you are pondering "could I invest in this book or not?" I’ve done that few time I visited a book store. I go around and look at similar books to see are they close to the one I really want. And have bought a few only to be disappointed that only the cover was close to the one I really wanted. So then, I go back and get the one I could’ve bought on the first visit. But rest assured, there are no books out there quite like any I’ve written. Why? Because I used no format or precedent already written. (At least not any I was able to find.) I searched high and low for one with the same precedence and found none.  Yes, I used well known characters but the manner in which I used them is like nothing I have ever read and I have read perhaps over 500 books in my lifetime.

I read several books before sitting down to begin to write this series in 2001. I read many books about immortals and humans interactions and decided I wanted to take my characters a different route but wanted to remain true to how the ancient texts described the immortals.

If you will note, even the covers are different.  I wanted each book to be able to stand alone on it’s own merit is why each cover is different.

I deliberately wrote each book so that it would not have to lean upon it’s predecessor for a reader to understand what’s going on. I wrote each to bear it own merit. That’s why the major ones I was able to create a smaller spin off book like, "The Time before time"which is a spin off the book of Clash with the Immortals."

The first few paragraphs pick up where the predecessor left off and the last few sentences give a hint in what’s to follow in the next book. And from there the book takes on a life of it own totally different from the one before or after.

Thank you for your attention.

A. White  (Alma White.)

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Thanks you Charles for re-reading it and seeing more of the full meaning of the story.  That’s the allegory I’m making. I do not like to write making it obvious what I’m saying.  I like for a reader to ponder it and search for clues. She must keep moving in order to survive for it they idle too long in one place Nikola’s henchmen will find them. I chose the lawless analogy of the Old West to illustrate to  what degree he is outside of the law which is why so much occur in the West. Nikola follows no law. He make them up to suit his whim. He is untouchable.  Nikola is the shark and Ana and Bea, (mostly Ana) is the blood in the water that he smells. He views them as weak and an easy target. Like all predators, his goal is to kill. 
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After rereading this it almost gives the sense of a science fiction western. Ana on the constant move to avoid the warlock on her trail. Like blood in the water the sharks circle getting closer and closer the more as she stops upon her travels. The circle of yin and yang each a shark of different virtue. 
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Thank you Mark, thank you noticing that a lot of time, research  and love was put into making this book. You are right a great, tremendous amount of time has gone into creating this novel and characters.  The search was long but enlightening. I tried to keep the characters as accurate to the various ancient texts and tomes written about them  as possible while adding a futuristic twist the story.  Much of the ancient history I used in creating this book and others isn’t common taught in schools outside of  college level anthropology . 

 Again, this weekend I was invited to another book club but this one was further away from home. One of the ladies gave me an idea for a scene in the book. The book is already written so I will see how I can work her idea in. She suggested this model for Hathor, the mother of the Egyptian gods and goddesses and the wife of Ra. Now, at this stage I’m going to start introducing the immortals other than Azazel.