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In response to your question, it really depends on what is at stake.  Are you, for example, billed for an extended campaign, or is the issue that you’re blocked from pursuing other avenues while the campaign is ongoing?  The trick for making Inkshares work seems to be publicity, and I’m not sure what that looks like or how it’s best done.  But, then again, is that any different anywhere else?

The less at stake, the more an extension makes sense.  Also, an extension is a good idea if you have any new tricks for promotion or advertising, since the current rate of new readers isn’t fast enough to cross the finish line in time.  If not, what are the other options?  I suspect there will be people who will follow you there, if need be.

Good luck with the contest!

Hello Readers,

     Thank you for supporting Cinderella and Bluebeard. It is currently in its last month, and I have to decide whether to ask for an extension on the campaign or to find some other method to publish it. I would love your opinions.

     In other news Inkshares has started a contest with Geek & Sundry pertaining to fantasy books. Only books that have started funding on or after August 1 are eligible to enter and Cinderella and Bluebeard has been funding since long before that. However, I have decided to take advantage of the contest by submitting my new book, The Immortal Witch. It is a murder mystery set in a girls’ boarding school in an epic fantasy world. I hope you will give it a look and consider supporting it.


     If it sells enough books to be in the top three, it will get published. And hopefully, the extra publicity will help get Cinderella and Bluebeard a boost as well.

Exciting news, Andrew M. Boylan, author of Concilium Sanguinarius, and the Media Vampire has reviewed my book, calling Cinderella and Bluebeard, "A visceral novel filled with dynastic intrigue and bloody melee," and saying, "I just ate this up.  It was exceptionally well written and very well edited."
Full review at http://taliesinttlg.blogspot.com/2016/07/cinderella-and-bluebeard-review.html  

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Taliesin Meets the Vampires wrote a review for my book.  "exceptionally well written" "a visceral novel filled with dynastic intrigue and bloody melee"  http://taliesinttlg.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/cinderella-and-bluebeard-review.html

Dear Readers,

I have updated the first chapter a bit.  I’ve gotten rid of references to Gilles de Rais and the historically accurate account of his father’s death so that we can get to Catherine and the main plot more quickly.  In doing that I also changed the order early scenes to better flow in my new scheme.

If you prefer the old version, tell me.  I’m not 100% sure of the new approach.  


Hello readers,
What do you think of the flyer I’ve made for my book?   http://cinderellaandbluebeard.blogspot.com/2016/05/flyers.html