Chris Young
Cinderella and Bluebeard is amazing. I've never read anything like it, and as an English Lit graduate, I've read a crudton of books. It's a well-researched look at the political drama and backroom scheming haunting France in the aftermath of Agincourt. And it's also wrapped up in a dark retelling of Cinderella, following the oldest daughter of Milet de Thouars as she looks for true love at the ball. And, although human nature provides most of the villainy, the worldview of the 14th century still allowed for gothic creatures, hiding in the shadows -- and it turns out that's, well, pretty much accurate. So, if you're looking for a very adult fairy tale with things to say about war, humanity, French history, religion, love, and more: Read This Book.
Stephen Carignan
With a story so intricate I almost need a flowchat (in a good way), Cinderella and Bluebeard immediately grabs readers with its fairy tale like cadence and pacing. The world feels fully realized with family lineages and thought-out plot points. By taking the reader step by step through the process, the world will unfold to the delight of every page.
Fernando Crôtte
Blending familiar fairy tale and other fictional characters into a historical fiction is particularly interesting to me, as the approach parallels my own current project. This is really well done! I'm in!
A. White
The story although is fantasy, it was developed from real events making the it's based upon facts searchable.
Tami Niswander
Historical fiction with vampires and intrigue. Fun read.
Brian Guthrie
A great twist on a familiar tale. Check this one out.