My name is Robert Orme, and my book centers around an ideal world for all sorts of characters to live in. No matter their backgrounds or origins, species or intentions, they all find their way to Cie, and live in exile with one another. But they are people who are destined for greater things than the small world they are abandoned in, and their sole goal throughout is finding a way for the populace to escape the world and return to their own, to remember what they have forgotten, and right what went wrong.

The multi-dimensional connection holding them all captive will some day weaken, especially when they work toward it, but when it does fade, what will come from the other side beyond worlds in order to hinder them? What lengths will they need to go to in order to survive their ordeal? Strength and power can only get you so far, and sometimes you need to let things go their own way in order to find the other side.

Cie is a metaphysical and philosophical science fiction novel, relying on the power of the readers to piece together exactly how the world, and its denizens are forced to live their daily lives. Soon, it will rely on them collecting the entire ethos and myths of the shared multiverse in order to understand that the characters were never in control of their destinies.

I could really use an editor, and maybe someone who knows about book binding at home. I’ve always wanted to do that, and since this is my first series of books, I want to treat them with care, and as special. If anyone who reads this can relate to me, please, feel free to contact me and tell me how you feel. I would appreciate the assistance!

Lastly I have this book, and its two follow up novels already written, but in need of heavy editing, so look forwards to further books to tell the story of the city in exile, and the following series I’m working on, the Cie Outsider series which will go even deeper into the driving forces behind this world and following the second main character, Agni, as he finally leaves Cie to sort out his own destiny.

Book One: The Exiled Throne (Completed)

Book Two: The Pale Tree (Editing)

Book Three: The Universal Sea (Editing)

Book Four (The Outsider Series) (Writing)