Picture Robert Orme · Author · added over 2 years ago
Been working a while on my books, but still working on a proper book cover for my first novel. Glad to see more people are here to follow me, welcome! As soon as I have the cover I’ll likely release my first novel fully. Not sure what to do about pre-orders, or if anyone will actually want one, but we’ll see once we get to that bridge. Let me know what you think. :)

Several more chapters have been added to my first book. I’m told that while it starts slowly, once it enters the middle it starts to get much more engaging. Considering it has to support the next two books with it’s premise, I don’t  blame it for going slow. That being said things are really starting to heat up in Cie. Any feedback or comments are welcomed. Please spread the word to other inkers for me!

Book one is now fully edited, and book two is on its way. I plan to upload about half, maybe even all of the chapters in the coming days. Having trouble tracking down an artist however. Book cover and chapter art should be done as soon as I can.