This novel is something of a labor of love for me. Since about 2011 I’ve self-published novels at the rate of 2-3 per year, writing with a fervor I’d been saving up for most of my adult life. Naturally, as time rolls by and certain aspiring authors get older (and busier...and slower...) my rate has dropped significantly, not because the ideas aren’t there but because the stories I’m really passionate about have taken longer to reveal themselves to me.

Chthonic is that tale. I took time off from working on any other projects and published just two books in 2019 and 2020 (both of which had been written already and just needed editing work) to focus entirely on this work. The result: a monstrous 203,000 word long tale that took a number of twists and turns which surprised me. After cleaning the novel up for the past couple of months and running it by my devoted beta readers, I’ve decided to take the next step.

I don’t want Chthonic to be self-published: I want it to find the broader audience I think it deserves. Hopefully, with the right feedback and support, I can make that happen.

The official "blurb":

Chthonic: concerning, belonging to, or inhabiting the underworld; infernal

In the distant future, Earth lies abandoned. An Exodus brought on by unforetold calamities drove humanity to the stars, where we have colonized the rest of the solar system even as we continue to wage war with ourselves. Thousands of poor are left abandoned to share Earth’s fate, while the new Colonies almost immediately start to disintegrate from within.

“Sleep, buried within the bones.”

Riann Cole is an Engineer, one of a chosen few capable of building the world-spanning Engines needed to recolonize Earth and save humankind once the squandered Colonial resources run dangerously thin. But Cole is haunted by a recurring lifelong nightmare of a demonic witch determined to destroy her, a monster that may or may not exist solely within her own fragile mind...

“What feeds is not forgotten.”

John Trench is a man in mourning, a widower charged with transporting his wife’s coffin to a special space station where her soul may ascend to heaven. Though he is not a man of faith, he is willing to make this grim pilgrimage across the stars for his love, even when he finds himself threatened by a hostile presence that seems determined to take both he and his late wife straight to hell...

“So quick is the flesh to fail.”

Across the deep cold of interstellar space and through the wastelands of a ruined Earth, against hostile primitive tribes and terrifying and unexplainable supernatural presences, Cole and Trench will be forced to face their deepest fears, and both will be pushed to the limits of their sanity and their lives if they are to defeat the vast and unexplainable entity that seeks to lay waste not only to Earth, but to all of reality…


By Steven Montano

An epic sci-fi/horror from the author of Blood Skies, Gun Witch & The Last Acolyte

Thanks so much for stopping by! New chapters coming soon!