‘It was the twenty-first century. It sounds strange to call it that now, because I’m so used to the lingo of the fourth millennium. They call it 2.1.C; less syllables or something. You wouldn’t believe how lazy people from the future are.

Anyway. My name is Aaron Sellafield. I was sixteen at the time. I’d fallen into the whole ‘social outcast’ thing at high school. I mean, I had friends. At least one. Anyway, whatever; that’s not really important. Point is, I wasn’t special; not like those super intelligent kids that go on quiz TV shows or complete a PhD before they hit puberty. I just had a pretty simple idea about time travel one day.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. At my story’s start, I’m just a typical high school student living in Stradleigh, north England. To clarify the kind of person I’m not: I have no elderly friends in freelance science; I wasn’t a son of one of the X-Men; and (as far as I’m aware) I was never short-listed by Time Lords to guide humanity through its darkest hour. If they’re recruiting, though, I’m totally up for that.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m normal. But not quite, clearly, or I would be like everyone else. You get me?’


Chronozone Zero is a story about a young man in the early 21st century that figures out how to open the way for chrononauts -time travelers from the 32nd century- to visit him. But it seems the chrononauts aren’t the only thing he’s gotten the attention of. An enigmatic and sinister force has begun to stir at the disturbance of space-time.

About the Work

I started the novel some time around 2005 and much of the current draft came into being as NaNoWriMo 2011. It is mostly finished, with mainly the last chapter or so left to go. I’ve wanted to share the novel for so long now, I feel like the time has come to get it out there! I’d also like to enter the book into Geek & Sundry’s Hard Science Contest. Although Time Travel may be seen as very much on the fanciful end of the soft-hard scale, the core style and approach in this novel (as with most of my work) is that of explanation and plausibility.

Note: the book contains some swearing, about as much one would expect from its teenage protagonists.

Thanks for checking out Chronozone Zero, please let me know what you think!